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Add a URL, also known as a web link, to a Course Content Area to provide quick access to external web resources.

This document will show how to:

  • Create a URL and enter the Web address for the link


Watch the video below on how to add a URL to your course:

Video produced by Arts ISIT

Create a URL and enter the Web Address for the link

  1. To begin, select a Content Area to add a URL to
  2. Hover on Build Content at the top of the page
  3. Click Web Link under Create at the top of the page
    The Web Link tool is found under the Create in the Build Content tab within a content area.
  4. In the 1. Web Link Information section, enter a descriptive name for the link so students will understand its purpose
  5. Enter the URL for the address
  6. (Optional) Enter a short description for the link
  7. (Optional) Attach files for the link
  8. (Optional) Set options for the link
  9. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page

The URL will appear at the bottom of the content area. You can drag and drop the item to any position.