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Below are the top 10 things you need to know about Connect:

1. Resources and Support

For resources, please visit: <ext></ext>.

Need help? Visit <ext></ext>.

2. How to Log in and Log out

Log into your Connect courses with your CWL at <ext></ext>.

Don't forget to log out when leaving your computer, including closing your browser.

For more information, visit <ext></ext>.

3. Update Your Email in the Student Service Centre (SSC)

Update your email in the Student Service Centre (SSC) to an address that you check regularly. They will be synced with Connect.

Having an updated email will allow you to receive emails from your instructor as well as subscribe to the discussion board.

For more more information, visit <ext></ext>.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Connect

Connect is a system at UBC with some new and familiar tools. Orient yourself with the new environment and new features by exploring the following resources:

5. Customize Your My Connect

Customize the My Connect page by changing the theme or adding different modules that you may find helpful.

For more information, visit <ext></ext>.

Suggested modules you can add:

  • Blackboard IM - Get instant messaging for your class
  • My Messages - See new messages from your instructor
  • My Grades - Display your grades

6. Get Alerts for Course Deadlines

Keep track course activity, updates and anything new in your courses with the What's New module under the My Connect tab.

Take advantage of the Notifications Dashboard under the Courses tab.

Customize your notifications settings to receive alerts for different course activities and if you'd like to receive them via your Connect dashboard or email.

7. Subscribe to Discussion Boards

If your instructor has elected to take advantage of the subscribe feature for discussion forums and threads, you can get email alerts on new activity in your course's discussion board.

You can subscribe to a discussion board forum, which contains multiple threads, or specific discussion threads within a forum.

You can always unsubscribe at a later time.

For more information, visit: <ext></ext>

8. Communicate with Your Instructor

Ask your instructor how they want to be contacted during your course. Connect has several options available:

  • Email
  • Messages
  • Discussion Board
  • Blackboard Instant Messaging

9. Keep in Mind Copyright

Use of Connect must comply with Canadian copyright laws. Uploading and posting content from copyrighted works requires authorization under the Copyright Act (for example, fair dealing or other exceptions) or authorization from the copyright holder (for example, a UBC licence that permits such use, or express permission from the copyright holder). Any copyrighted resources provided within Connect may only be printed (single copy only) or accessed for your own research, private study, criticism, review or news reporting, and may not be further copied or distributed, except in accordance with the Fair Dealing Requirements for UBC Faculty and Staff, and the Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty, Staff and Students.

For more information about copyright at UBC, please visit the following pages:

10. Explore the Student Toolkits

Learn strategies on how to better manage your academic life by exploring the different toolkits from the UBC Learning Commons at <ext></ext>.

Toolkits are available on topics such as: