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Below are the top 10 things you need to know about Connect:

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1. What is Connect?

Connect is the online Learning Management System (LMS) on the Blackboard Learn 9 platform.

LMS enables you to administer an online classroom with activities such as:

  • share course materials
  • facilitate discussions
  • integrate multimedia resources
  • deliver student assessments

For more information on what Connect is, some uses and benefits and how to get started, please visit:

2. Are there online resources available for instructors?

An extensive list of online resources containing in text and video are available at

The resources are grouped into 4 areas to provide an understanding of the functions of each tool:

3. Are there online resources available for students?

There are also resources available to students at

They are "how-to resources" divided into 3 general areas:

  • Before a Course Starts
  • Activities During the Course
  • Communicate and Keep Yourself Organized

Students can also explore the Student Orientation to Connect Course. They can enrol themselves in this course through the Student Orientation module. This is not a credit course, but it will provide your students with information on many Connect features and allow them to post to a Discussion, submit an Assignment and try out the Test tool.

If you are interested in exploring this resource yourself, make a request to

4. Where Can I Learn More?

Resources are available on the UBC e-Learning website. CTLT also offers a variety of Professional Development] opportunities. More information is available at

For a calendar of available sessions on using Connect, visit CTLT provides learning technology workshops and one-on-one assistance for faculty. They also hold a weekly drop-in sessions with information available at:

If you're from UBC Okanagan, visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at

Finally, your Faculty may offer training and resources. For more information please contact your Instructional Support Unit (ISU). If you don't know who your ISU, visit a complete listing.

5. Can I use copyright material within Connect?

Use of Connect must comply with Canadian copyright laws. Uploading and posting content from copyrighted works requires authorization under the Copyright Act (for example, fair dealing or other exceptions) or authorization from the copyright holder (for example, a UBC licence that permits such use, or express permission from the copyright holder). Any copyrighted resources provided within Connect may only be printed (single copy only) or accessed for your own research, private study, criticism, review or news reporting, and may not be further copied or distributed, except in accordance with the Fair Dealing Requirements for UBC Faculty and Staff, and the Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty, Staff and Students.

For more information about copyright at UBC, please visit the following pages:

6. How can I get my course reserves from the Library?

The UBC Library has implemented a new process regarding course reserves requests within Connect that provides students access to your course readings.

For more information on how to request course reserve, how to access to LOCR from individual courses, as well as resources for faculty and students, please visit

7. How can I add Clickers to my course?

A new process is in place for uploading your students' clicker activities to your Connect course.

Follow the resources under the Clickers tab in the Assess Student Learning at

Don't know what Clickers are? Explore the Clickers Toolkit at

8. Where else can I go for help?

For additional resources, please visit and

Contact your faculty's local Instructional Support Unit. For a complete list of ISUs, please visit

If you do not have an instructional support unit, contact

Instructional Support Staff can help you with questions regarding:

  • course support
  • course availability
  • adding users (TA and students)

9. What's new with Connect?

Check out the Connect Blog for the latest news, tips, updates, resources, anything and everything that's new with Connect!

Visit the blog at