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Below are the top 5 things you need to know about Connect:

Connect ISS System Administrator Guides

Up to date resources for system administrators are available in the ISS Documentation Folder.

They are located in Content Collection > Institution Content > Common > ISS_Documentation.

The following documents are currently available:

Name Version/Date Description
ISS Preparing Courses for September (.docx) v. 3 (09 DEC 2012) This document outlines 3 key areas for the ISS Course role to manage and administer their courses in preparation of the upcoming term.

These areas include:

  1. CTConnect3 Mass Course Creation Process
  2. ISS Course role
  3. Connect Course Management (Preparation of your courses)
Connect ISS System Administrator Guide (.pdf) v. 3 (24 Jun 2013) The ISS System Administrator Guide provides details of the functions available to the Instructional Support Staff (ISS) with the ISS System Administrator role. Elevated privileges (i.e. create courses, enroll users, and etc.) are associated to this role and, therefore, authorization will be required prior to granting individuals access to it.
Role Descriptions and Levels of Permissions (.docx) v. 3 (25 Oct 2013) Overview of the functions and privileges of the different course and system roles.

Name Version/Date Description
LTPS Introduction (.pdf) 14 DEC 2015 Instructions on how to use the Learning Tools Provisioning Service (aka CTC3 update for Dec/23/2015 - Main update is course role override).
Create Course Linked to SIS Sections Building Block (.docx) 21 JUNE 2013 Instructions on creating credit, merged enrolment credit, and non-credit SIS linked courses.
Create Course Not Linked to SIS Sections Building Block (.docx) 21 JUNE 2013 Instructions on creating non-credit and test courses without SIS links.
Manage User Enrolments Building Block (.docx) 21 JUNE 2013 Instructions on how to manage enrolments for one or more users in one or more Connect courses.
Mass Course Copy Building Block (.docx) 06 DEC 2012 Guidelines for setting up Connect courses with template content, and instructions on using the ‘Mass Course Copy’ Building Block. To prevent performance issues in Connect, please contact Connect Admin to schedule your mass course copy. The Building Block will be made available to you during the timeframe you agree upon.
Modify SIS Section Links Building Block (.docx) 05 APR 2013 Instructions on how to add and remove linked SIS sections for merged enrolment and non-credit Connect courses.
Synchronize SIS and Grade Center Building Block (.docx) 21 JUNE 2013 Instructions on how to synchronize Linked Section, Lab, Tutorial, Discussion and Seminar Connect course Grade Center columns with data from the SIS.

Known Issues

For a complete list of all the known issues, please visit: <ext></ext>.

To report a new bug, please create a ServiceNow ticket or email

Blackboard Knowledge Base

Need help? See what questions other Blackboard users are asking at Behind the Blackboard Knowledge Base, <ext></ext>.

Q4 2015 Release

Connect is currently on the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2015 Release platform.

Professional Development

Please visit: LT HUB - Professional Development