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Teaching is a complex activity. As reflective practitioners, we can best understand and work to improve this complex activity when we view it from a variety of perspectives. Each perspective offers valuable information, but no one perspective by itself portrays a complete understanding.

Sources of information (perspectives) include:

  • Self-assessment of teaching – an ongoing process that is an essential aspect of lifelong learning
  • Peer review of teaching – both developmental, and for promotion and tenure purposes
  • Student feedback on teaching – both during a course and at the end of a course

Once we have this information, what can we do with it?

Follow an ongoing cycle of structured reflection and response, which includes:

  • Teach a class – including the experience, feelings toward it, feedback received from others
  • Critically analyze the experience and any feedback you received, and
  • Develop new approaches and strategies to apply in the future
  • Prepare and maintain a teaching portfolio which highlights your teaching goals and your progress toward achieving them

Check back for new programs and resources intended to help you, as a wise reflective practitioner, meet your teaching goals! Join us as we provide opportunities and resources for discussion, guided practice, reflection, and implementation – enter into “a cognitive process . . . to gain new or deeper understanding that leads to actions improving the learning of students.” (University of New Hampshire)