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Who we are

With the establishment of the Teaching and Learning Office at the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI), CTLT and USI are collaborating to provide support to UBC's sustainability education movement. The Sustainability across the Curriculum Community of Practice was initiated in 2006 as part of a year-long project coordinated through the Sustainability Office to develop a toolkit of resources to support faculty who wish to include sustainability in their courses. The original Working Group has evolved into a Community of Practice, bringing together those interested in sustainability education. The program is now an open space for discussions and learning about how to integrate sustainability into the curriculum.

To get involved check out the "Get Involved" section or contact Kshamta Hunter for more details.

Get involved

Do you have ideas or examples of how to bring sustainability into UBC courses, programs, and initiatives? Join us! Everyone is welcome: undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, post-docs, staff, faculty, and community members. We meet electronically and face-to-face. Our meetings allow time for resource sharing, brainstorming, and making connections across the curriculum. You can register for the community to receive updates, see past emails and event updates, or check out our upcoming events. For more information, contact Kshamta Hunter.

Our Events

Past Events

Ask an Expert - How to Innovate Sustainability Education & Curriculum - February 7, 2013

Join us to learn from the experiences of a successful UBC sustainability educator. The expert, Julian Gonzalez, will share his knowledge and experiences of implementing an interdisciplinary sustainability leadership course at UBC, which offers undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to learn the art of leading and inspiring transformative action. He will also share practical and skillful approaches for effectively incorporating sustainability into any curriculum.

Conversation on Sustainability Education at UBC - November 2, 2012

Join the discussion to share your thoughts with students and faculty and to critically explore the direction of sustainability education at UBC. What do you think is working? What can be improved? Where should we go from here? Start the conversation by sharing your perspectives and experiences on sustainability education at UBC. Participants will leave with an enriched understanding of sustainability issues and perspectives; the outcomes of this conversation will be shared with the sustainability teaching and learning fellows and will be implemented through this community of practice.

Sustainability across the Curriculum Community of Practice (CoP) - April 24, 2012

Join us to continue the conversation of integrating sustainability across the curriculum at UBC with students, staff, and faculty. In this session, we will discuss possible future events to support the community. We will explore, utilize, and learn from each other’s skills and talents, and create potential CoP workshop ideas using our community members’ skills. This is a great way to discover the opportunities for possible connections and collaborations between various members of the UBC community, exchange resources, and network. We may also brainstorm implementation mechanisms and strategies for a possible “MatchMaker” idea and garner interest for summer 2012 events. Everyone is welcomed!

Contact Us

To receive updates and join the community, email Kshamta Hunter or the CTLT Community of Practice Developer.