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The Portfolio Community: Documenting teaching and learning through portfolio development

Given the variety of approaches, practices and strategies involved, how can we document effective teaching? One possibility is the development of a course portfolio to demonstrate your teaching, and the student learning that results, in a particular course. Another possibility for providing evidence of achievement in teaching is the teaching portfolio. The teaching portfolio is a documented statement of an instructor’s teaching philosophy, responsibilities, goals and accomplishments as a teacher. Teaching portfolios and course portfolios serve as creative forms of summarizing and developing stronger teaching. Both types of portfolio development contribute to good teaching by encouraging self-reflection and stimulating self-analysis.

This community is open to anyone who has developed or is interested in developing a course and/or teaching portfolio, whether on paper or in an electronic format. Seminars and resources are offered in response to expressed needs and interests of the community members; individualized assistance is also available. Though we do not hold regular meetings, Members of the Community of Practice are invited to share ideas, examples, resources and information about learning opportunities related to portfolios. For more information, please email