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View your passport online

Users in our events database can now print their own passport (for CTLT events that are listed in our online registration system). The instructions are simple:

  1. Login to the events database.
    CTLT Events Login.png
  2. Click on My Profile (on the right hand side, top).
    CTLT Events My Profile.png
  3. Click on Passport of Participation (located on the right hand side, under Manage Profile) to produce an insert for your passport with all the events you have attended.
    CTLT Passport Printout.png
  4. Print this page so that you can put this into your passport or enter the information into your portfolio.
    Passport of Participation Example.png

Important: If you have been with CTLT for a while, you will probably notice that the list of events is incomplete; that is due to some challenges we have had with importing information from our previous database. If there are events missing from this page, you can either handwrite them into your hardcopy passport or email Sukhi Ghuman ( for assistance. When emailing Sukhi, please provide the details of the event name, date, time.

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