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Peer Reviewee Testimonials

Dr. Lance Rucker, Faculty of Dentistry

Now that I’ve seen the split screen video recording of the lecture and have had more time to digest the interactive feedback reports with each of my two reviewers, I want to tell you what a fascinating and productive venture this new variation of peer teaching review has been for me. Thank you for the invitation to participate. I can’t imagine why any of our teaching faculty would pass up such an opportunity to enjoy the enhancement and reinforcement of the efficacy of their own teaching methodologies, and I expect that you will have your schedule full as you try to manage other requests for this truly outstanding project. Good work!

Dr. Jolanta Aleksejûniené, Faculty of Dentistry

Before the presentation I felt tension, but the atmosphere in the room was so friendly and completely uninterrupted by the observing reviewers that soon my presentation took its normal route of a pleasant interaction between me and my students. The post-review meeting was a welcome surprise. I got so much feedback from my reviewers, Karen and Susan. Both came with superb ideas on how to make my future teaching more efficient to best facilitate student learning. Now, after I have gone through Peer Review, I admit that my first impressions were wrong. Overall, the entire process was a positive and useful experience. I have no doubt that our ambition as academics is to provide only high quality teaching and we all know how easy it is to get too comfortable in our routines, i.e. stop growing in our scholarly performance. I see Peer Review as a wonderful tool for continuous professional improvement and a friendly process where colleagues have an opportunity to share their visions.

Peer Reviewer Testimonials

Dr. Anthony Clarke, Faculty of Education

…all in all, the process–from pre-conference, through to the teaching event, and onto the post-conference–was textbook in its execution! It was a pleasure to be invited into such an organized and well structured framework. I think it would be fair to say that we all benefited from the experience.

Dr. Ellen Rosenberg – Faculty of Science

I think the process of peer review is very important – if not essential – to faculty development and to the development of a teaching collegiality in the department and the university. This process is very organized and well laid-out. All participants know what to expect and it is not very time-consuming.

Student Testimonials

Danielle Woo – 2nd year Dental Student

I can say that I actually didn’t find the peer review session disturbing at all. If anything, it was a nice change from the ordinary and may have actually prompted the class to pay more attention to the Student Learning questions asked and answers delivered by instructors and peers respectively. I may, however, suggest that an additional mic or two be used to make transitioning a little bit easier between student answers around the classroom.