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The Peer Review of Online Teaching is a new addition to our existing program. As such, we are currently building our team of reviewers. If you have experience with online teaching and would like to be part of our team of reviewers, please contact

For a full description of the formative peer review process, please read the Peer Review Process section of our website.

When you email a reviewer for a request, please indicate:

  • Indicate the course format (e.g. Fully Online Course, Blended Learning Environment, Flipped Classroom)
  • What you would like to have reviewed (e.g. modules, assignments, syllabi or other material, teaching philosophy statement, other)
  • A brief statement of your goal for peer review
  • A time range within which you are hoping to be peer reviewed
  • Your contact information

List of peer reviewers

  • Judy Chan (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and Faculty of Land and Food Systems)
  • Manuel Dias (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology)
  • Isabeau Iqbal (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and Faculty of Education)
  • Lucas Wright (Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology)

Additional Information on Reviewers

  • Judy Chan, PhD. Sessional Lecturer and Faculty Liaison, Land and Food Systems (LFS); Education Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

I teach a large, introductory food science course, FNH 200, each year and I have taught on-line version of the same course in the past. I adapt a wide range of learning activities in my classes whenever they support my students' learning needs. Some of my favourite and most effective techniques included peer-based learning, immediate classroom respond systems such as iClicker,, and, wikipedia-based assignment, two-staged exam, etc. I consider it a privilege to have opportunities to visit classroom across campus and I learn so much from each classroom observation.


  • Manuel Dias, MA, Educational Consultant in Learning Design, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and Faculty of Science/Skylight.

I have been facilitating professional development activities with a particular focus on the integration and implementation of learning technology in Science. I have a keen interest in instructional design and regularly consults with faculty to implement innovative practices or fully online or blended learning courses. I am cross appointed between the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching (Skylight) and the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT).


  • Isabeau Iqbal, PhD. Senior Educational Consultant, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

I have conducted peer reviews for numerous faculty members at various career stages and consider it a privilege to be invited into someone's classroom. My teaching and learning experience is primarily through my role as an educational developer at the Centre. I am also a contract faculty member at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and an Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator; I have been a sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education at UBC. I would be happy to peer review in any discipline or Faculty, in classes of any size. When contacting me, please provide information on your teaching context (course name, class size, Faculty etc) and your predominant teaching methods. Please see for more information.


  • Lucas Wright, Senior Educational Consultant in Learning Technologies, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology]

I support faculty and staff in integrating technology in their teaching and learning practice. I am an adult learning instructor with more than 15 years of experience teaching adults online, face-to-face and in blended contexts. I have a keen interest in blended learning, open education and the role of learning portfolios in teaching and learning. I support professional development programs at CTLT including the Instructional Skills workshop, Teaching in a Blended Learning Environment, the Learning Technology Hub and the Qualtrics Studio sessions.