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In this section of our website, you will find information about the CTLT (formative) Peer Review of Online Teaching Program.

Peer review of teaching is a process and/or form of evaluation designed to provide feedback to instructors about their teaching. It has been variously defined and is sometimes called "peer observation of teaching" (we use the terms interchangeably on this website).

Peers may provide feedback on the following elements of teaching:

  • online teaching or classroom observation (for those who teach in a blended learning environment or flipped classroom)
  • teaching materials (i.e. syllabi, assignments)
  • feedback on student work
  • instructor’s teaching philosophy
  • self-assessment documentation such as a teaching dossier; and
  • comments from graduate students' supervisees

Currently, the formative CTLT program focusses on review of face-to-face classroom teaching. We are beginning to offer peer review of teaching for online delivery including teaching in a blended learning environment and flipped classroom.

Ideally, the peer review of teaching is a reflective and collaborative process in which the instructor under review works closely with a colleague or group of colleagues to discuss teaching. Though the process outlined in this section is uni-directional (i.e., a reviewer giving feedback to an instructor), we highly encourage you to consider a reciprocal peer review process where instructors observe each other's teaching, reflect on what they learned through the observation, and share feedback as relevant.

Watch our video series aimed to help reviewers and reviewees who are participating in the formative peer review of teaching (the series is focussed on teaching done in a physical classroom). The first video is below.

To watch the rest of the videos in our Peer Review of Teaching series, visit our YouTube channel.

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