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Road to Global Citizenship: An Educator’s Toolbook

Online version | PDF version

  • Recommended: The online version is more up-to-date than the PDF version, and it is interactive allowing you to post your reflections for others to learn from, and you can comment on the reflections of others.

Road to Global Citizenship: An Educator’s Toolbook is a comprehensive pedagogical resource that helps educators of any academic discipline move from aspiration to action to teach in ways that foster global citizenship. It covers eight topics ranging from the working definition of global citizenship to the assessment of teaching and learning. Through reflection exercises, teaching activities, and real teaching stories by educators at UBC, the toolbook invites educators to actively and critically engage with engraining global citizenship in the core of their teaching environment.

Who will benefit from the toolbook?

The goal is to sharpen your ability to look at your teaching and your students’ learning through a lens of global citizenship. The toolbook is designed to be an easy-to-use, hands-on resource that you can apply to suit your needs, whether…

  • you are teaching a lesson, a course or a program
  • you are a novice teacher or a seasoned educator
  • you have full responsibility for a curriculum or you are working within pre-defined constraints
  • you have been thinking about global citizenship, sustainability, equity, conflict resolution, social responsibility and justice for years or you are just starting out on this path

What will I find in the toolbook?

  • A self-reflective approach to understanding and applying concepts in each chapter
  • Information presented succinctly and clearly so that it is easy to read and easily applicable
  • Exercises to help you find your own answers
  • A plethora of examples of how other educators foster global citizenship
  • An opportunity for you to contribute your own examples and teaching stories through comments
  • Creative ways to incorporate elements of global citizenship education into your curriculum, instruction and assessment
  • Information that might challenge and question the teaching methods you currently use
  • Self-reflective exercises that will help you think critically about what and how you teach