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We have provided a list of global citizenship resources and links, which have been categorized as follows:

Many of the on- and off-campus resources will interest those who would like to be involved as active global citizens in contributing to the issues of social justice, peace and human security, environmental issues and international development to make the world a more just and sustainable place.

If you would like to recommend more on-campus or off-campus resources to add to these lists, please email

On-campus resources

According to GCP participants, the following campus programs, events and student groups contribute to their education as global citizens. Students report that through participation in these activities, they gain understanding of world issues and events. They develop knowledge of local and global issues including the issues of human security, refugees, health, human rights, social justice, and indigenous people. They are involved in projects contributing to the welfare of the local and international community and enjoy interaction with people from diverse backgrounds. These activities also help students learn to better understand themselves and believe they can make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. Take advantage of the many opportunities offered on campus!

Programs, workshops and volunteer opportunities

Student groups and special events

Off-campus resources

Check out these exciting opportunities offered by organizations located in Vancouver, Canada and abroad. Many of these groups offer volunteer and internship opportunities. They also provide resources how to set up your own project.

Global citizenship initiatives

UBC initiatives

Initiatives around the world