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EDUCamp is an opportunity for members of the UBC community to come together and share their ideas about what the future of education might be. We invite speakers and facilitators from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise in order to expand our understanding of teaching and learning.

EDUCamp is a FREE one-day conference focusing on current trends in teaching and learning in the "Thinking Sessions", as well as offering compatible hands-on sessions using technology tools in the "Doing Sessions"! Why Attend?

  • keep up with the major issues and new trends in learning & teaching
  • share experiences, information and challenges with peers
  • meet with and listen to acknowledged industry leaders
  • renew and/or develop cross-discipline contacts and partnerships
  • find out how to integrate various learning technologies into learning and teaching environments
  • explore successful teaching strategies, approaches and applications

Here, we try to collect as many of the resources that these presenters bring from previous EDUCamps. Feel free to visit them as often as you like and reference the work that you see shared here.