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2024 CTLT Spring Institute

Hosted this year from June 3–7, the Spring Institute offers educators in the UBC teaching and learning community a platform to share innovative practices and research around teaching, learning and technology. Workshops are interactive and provide participants an opportunity to network with colleagues. Topics range from supporting climate education to approaches to community engaged learning.

Watch or revisit a select number of Spring Institute sessions on the CTLT YouTube channel.


Session Title Presenters Resources
June 3, 2024
Cultivating the wellbeing of students and teachers through simple but effective wellbeing pedagogies and practices Sara Kozicky, Wellbeing Strategic Initiatives Project Manager

Louella Monaghan, Health Promotion Specialist, Health Equity, Promotion and Education

Sarah Carten, Workplace Wellbeing Practices and Learning Consultant, Health Wellbeing and Benefits

Kathryn Gretsinger - Associate Professor of Teaching | Journalist, School of Journalism, Writing & Media

Teaching Practices that promote student wellbeing: A tool for educators Resources/weblinks
Reducing Ableism One PowerPoint at a Time Erika Fundelius, Assistant Professor, Special Education, UBCV resource folderword cloud
Designing Safer, More Effective Teamwork Activities in the Classroom Celine Ruscher, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemistry UBCV

Nausheen Shafiq, Curriculum Consultant, CTLT

Ainsley Camps, Educational Developer, CTLT

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Education at UBC Moderators

Oliver Lane

Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe, Professor, Faculty of Education, UBCV


Dr. Gabriel Potvin, Associate Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Applied Science, UBCV;

Dr. Jenny Peterson, Associate Professor of Teaching, Faculty of Arts, UBCV;

Dr. Denise Gabriel, Lecturer, Faculty of Science, UBCV

No resources
June 4, 2024
Supporting Climate Education Through a Novel Framework of Climate Kind Pedegogy Dr. Kshamta Hunter, Manager, Transformative Learning & Student Engagement, Sustainability Hub; Instructor, Faculty of Education, UBCV No resources
Sharing Back Our Knowledge: Development of the Indigenous Learning Pathways Training Program. Kyle Shaughnessy, Indigenous Educational Consultant, CTLT Indigenous Initiatives & HR Talent Development and Engagement

Amy Miedzwiecki, Instructional Designer, HR Talent Development and Engagement

Sara Sawatzky, Program Manager for Employee Experience, HR Talent Development and Engagement

No resources
CEL at Scale: Developing Community Engaged Learning Beyond the Individual Classroom Moderator

Moberley Luger, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of English Language and Literatures; Chair, Coordinated Arts Program, Faculty of Arts, UBC-V. Panelists

Jonathan Graves, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Curriculum and Students), Vancouver School of Economics, Faculty of Arts, UBC-V

James Connolly, Associate Professor, Bachelor of Urban Studies Co-Director, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC-V

Andrew Binet, Assistant Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC-V

Sara Harris, Professor of Teaching, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC-V

No resources
Embedding Practical Learning in Curriculum: Experiences in Three Arts Courses Moderator

Julie Walchli, Executive Director, Work Integrated Education and Career Initiatives, Faculty of Arts, UBCV


Richard Price, Professor, Political Science, Faculty of Arts, UBCV

Catherine Rawn, Professor Teaching, Associate Head, Psychology, Faculty of Arts, UBCV

No resources
A Tabletop Role-Playing Game for Building Interpersonal Skills: Demonstration and Feedback Jessica Lowry, Academic Communication Consultant, UBCO

Jo Scofield, Student Learning Hub Coordinator, UBCO

Navigating Responsible Use of GenAI in Teaching & Learning – Develpping UBC-wide Principles and Guidelines Panelists

Christina Hendricks, Professor of Teaching, and Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning pro tem, UBCV

Elisa Baniassad, CTLT Acting Director and Professor of Teaching, Department of Computer Science, UBCV

Ainsley Rouse, Associate Director, Academic Integrity Hub, Office of the Vice-President Academic, UBCV

Tamara Ebl, Lecturer, Faculty of Management and Teaching Fellow, UBCO

Tammy Yasrobi, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies, CTLT, UBCV

Anita Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Teaching, FCCS, UBCO

Maliheh Oliver, Manager PIA Operations and Engagement

Dredyn Fontana, student

June 5, 2024
Disrupting Time and Space: Considerations in Community-Centred Evaluation Paulina Semenec, Educational and Evaluation Consultant, CTLT Indigenous Initiatives

Samantha Nock, Educational Consultant, Campus and Classroom Climate, CTLT Indigenous Initiatives

Adopting a Wholistic Approach to Teaching and Learning in Laboratory Courses Patricia Hingston, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Food, Nutrition and Health Program, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBCV Recording
Students as Partners in Course Re-Design: Reflections from Students, Faculty and Staff Partners on Learning Through Partnership Moderators

Roselynn Verwoord, Strategist: Students as Partners

Rohil Sharma, Coordinator: Students as Partners


Alex Tang, Lecturer and Coordinator, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Gabriella Wong, Lecturer and Coordinator, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sara Hamidi, PharmD Student, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Meg Wang, PharmD Student, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kasim Husain, Faculty, Coordinated Arts Program

Evan Mauro, Faculty, Coordinated Arts Program

Nick Toney, Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Arts

Tashiya Mathuin, Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Arts

Jason Izadi, Undergraduate Student, Faculty of Arts

No resources
Co-Creating the Future: Amplifying Student Voices to Inform Course Design John Cheng, Educational Consultant: Learning Design, CTLT

Nicole Ronan, Educational Consultant: Learning Design, CTLT

Roselynn Verwoord, Strategist: Students as Partners; Curriculum Consultant, CTLT

Rohil Sharma, Student Coordinator, Students as Partners, UBCV

Slides Recording
June 6, 2024
Meaningful Community Engaged Learning Experiences for International Students: Introducing an Inclusive Toolkit Shadi Mehrabi, Community Engaged Learning Officer, Centre for Community Engaged Learning, UBCV

Mirella Reichenbach Livoti, Project Assistant, Centre for Community Engaged Learning, UBCV

No resources
Making Sense of Student Feedback: Metrics for a more Meaningful Interrogation of SEI Data Abdel Azim Zumrawi, Statistician, Planning & Institutional Research (PAIR) & former Adjunct professor in Forest Resources

Tizitash Mohammed, , Programmer Analyst, Planning & Institutional Research

Alison Wong, Project Manager II, Planning & Institutional Research

Learning Activity Development Through an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens Paulo Tchen, Lecturer and Coordinator, Experiential Education, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBCV

Ginette Vallée, Senior Manager, Academic Portfolio, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBCV

EDI Self-Check Tool Shared-June2024Workshop Slidedeck