Documentation:CTLT programs/CTLT Institute/2021-Celebrate Learning Week / May 20

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Time Session Title Facilitators / Moderators / Panelists Resources and Recordings
9:30am-11:00am Student and Faculty Perspectives on Learning and Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic Tanya Forneris, Dr. Qian Wang, Dr. Jonathan Graves, Dr. Tamara Freeman, SAM Manzano, Aydin Quach, Kavita Dau Slides


11:30am-12:30pm Shaping Our Future: A Fireside Chat Tanya Forneris, Simon Bates, Brad Wuetherick Recording
1:00pm-2:30pm Toward the Future of Academic Integrity at UBC Dr. Simon Bates, Dr. Moberley Luger, Dr. Laurie McNeill, Dr. Laura Patterson Resources
2:00pm-2:50pm A Partially Asynchronous Approach to Support Personalized Learning for a Diverse Student Population Dr. Bowen Hui Slides
3:00pm-4:00pm Fossa Finder: Using Emerging Media in the Classroom Dante Cerron, Julia Chu Coming Soon
5:00pm-6:30pm Overcoming Online Challenges in Hosting Events and Planning Projects Christina Laffin, Bianca Chui, Miaoling Xue Coming Soon