Documentation:CTLT ISW Camera Setup

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Camera Model: Canon FS100

Laptop: Red DELL

Camera Setup

  1. Press ON/OFF button to turn the camera on
  2. Turn the knob and align ISW-Camera-Record-Icon.png to the line
  3. Start and Stop recording by:
    • pressing the RED DOT on the dial or
    • Press START/STOP under the pop-out screen
  4. Review the video by turning the dial to ISW-Camera-Review-Video-Icon.png

Laptop Setup

  1. Turn on the laptop by pressing Power-Icon.png on the silver button at the top-right corner of the keyboard
  2. Login using the username and password found on the laptop cover/behind the laptop's screen

Transferring the Video to Participant's USB Drive

  1. Insert the small USB plug into the socket on the camera's inside panel
  2. Insert the large USB plug into the socket on the sides of the laptop
  3. A window will pop up called Autoplay, please select Open folder to view files under General Options
    ISW Camera Autoplay.png
  4. Connect the participant's USB Drive to the laptop
  5. Another will pop up and select Open folder to view files again
  6. Drag the video files from the camera folder to the participant's USB drive folder