Documentation:CTLT 2.22 Lecturn Cheat Sheet/Portable Lecturn Room PC

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  • Roll the Portable Lecturn out of the storage room at the corner of 2.22B, and place it close to the storage room door so that is in close enough proximity to the projector inputs and the power outlets
  • Plug the Portable Lecturn into the wall
Plugging in the Portable Lecturn
  • Connect the VGA cable already connected to the wall into the Room PC (Mac Mini) located on the Portable Lecturn, as shown in the picture below. The VGA cable will need to go into the thunderbolt to VGA adapter plugged into the back of the Mac Mini.
Mac Mini + VGA Cable Setup
  • Turn on the Mac Mini (power button is on the back corner)
  • From the Crestron panel on the wall, select "Power On" and "Laptop"
Room PC to Interactive Projector with Crestron
  • Wait a minute for the projector to finish warming up and turning on, if necessary
  • Log into the Mac Mini