Documentation:CTLT 2.22 Lecturn Cheat Sheet/DVD and Bluray

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Using the DVD/Bluray Player

  • Choice of one or two projector screens
  • One screen is on the white wall, one on the red wall
  • Follow the steps below to set up a DVD or Bluray
  • Touch the Crestron Screen at the front of the room to get it started if it is asleep, or open the Crestron app on the 2.22 iPad (removable from its wall dock) - the iPad can control the Projectors/Audio from anywhere in the room
The Crestron Screen in Room 2.22
  • Select the Projector(s) you would like to use: Red Wall, White Wall, Both, or Audio Only (White Wall is preferred if using the whole room, Red Wall if only using the Northern half of the room)
Selecting Projector(s) for Output
  • Select "BLU-RAY / DVD"
Selecting the BLU-RAY / DVD Input
  • Wait a minute or two for the Projector(s) to warm up and finish starting up
Waiting for the Projector to Warm Up
  • Insert DVD or BLU-RAY
  • Turn on the DVD / BLU-RAY player found inside the lecturn
  • Control the DVD / BLU-RAY using the remote provided in the room