Documentation:CTLT/Reconciliation in Teaching and Learning at UBC Cohort

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Are you interested in exploring your role in reconciliation in the UBC teaching and learning community? This internal CTLT professional development cohort will explore learning Indigenous perspectives and topics with respect to your role at UBC. Each month the group will engage with a resource supported by the Indigenious Initiatives team and meet together to discuss their learnings. The topics and learning objectives will be decided together by the group.

We would like to pilot this PD cohort from Jun-Nov 2021. We aim to organize a group of max 15 CTLT staff who will commit to joining for one meeting per month as well as completing learning activities between meetings.

In June, we’ll begin by exploring the [ Respect Sincerity Responsibility: Land Acknowledgements at UBC] course and then come together to consider, share, and explore each other’s perspectives and thoughts as surfaced by the course. From there, we will identify areas and topics the group would like to explore further.

Learning Group Sessions

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