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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • FAQs from official webpage
  • Discussions from stack overflow
  • Where is my “Project” folder?
  • Where can I find the Excel template for importing inventory data?
  • Why is it taking me forever or Why am I in an infinite loop while importing ecoinvent database?
    • if you are using SingleOutputEcospold2Importer(), explicitly specify use_mp = False. See example: ei36_conseq = bw.SingleOutputEcospold2Importer(ei36_path, 'ecoinvent_3.6_conseq', use_mp = False). You should be able to see the progress bar afterwards
    • possible cause of this issue explained: stack overflow
  • Why are there so many unlinked exchanges when I try to import ecoinvent 3.8 (ecospold2)? The code worked fine for ecoinvent 3.7 or lower versions?
  • Negative production for end of life treatment process: stack overflow
  • What can I do when I encounter error messages?
    • don't panic, read the error message carefully, in many case it only needs a quick fix of your own code
    • copy and paste the error message in Google, you may find a similar question already been ask on the StackOverflow
    • still stuck? look up the code document and GitHub repo (you may discover some known issues)


LCA Statistics

Key concepts to understand statistical approach to LCA:

Useful Python Documentation for statistical functions in Brightway2: