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Hennentai Taishō bungaku zenshū 編年体大正文学全集

  • 15 volumes in total with a supplemental chronological chart that covers a variety of text during 1912-1926.
  • Publisher and Year of Publication: Yumani Shobō, 2000-2003. 東京: ゆまに書房, 2000- Holdings Record Display
  • Each volume includes works published in the given year. Because readers can find different genres such as fiction, plays, criticism, essays, poetry, tanka, haiku, etc, this anthology provides potential for synchronic approaches and cross-genre perspective.
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Secondary references

Online sources

Database for twentieth-century media and information (20-seiki Media Jōhō Dētabēsu 20世紀メディア情報データベース)

  • Good database for postwar studies (1945-1949); allows both simple search and more complicated search of designated publisher, year, or keywords.
  • Has 1,964,900 entries for magazines and 1,261,280 entries for newspapers.
  • A list of searchable and viewable sources can be found here.
  • Required citation style: "NPO法人インテリジェンス研究所(理事長・山本武利)作成『20世紀メディア情報データベース 占領期の雑誌・新聞情報 1945-1949』参照" (Highly recommend to double check for their required citation style.)
  • To visit homepage:
  • Access:
    • Requires membership so jumping from UBC library website is necessary.
    • Search "20-seiki Media Jōhō Dētabēsu" on UBC library website. (The two keywords "20" and "database" will lead you to right search result).
    • On this page, click on the green button "Connect to Resource."

Resources in Japan

Bibliography of
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About this Bibliography
This open bibliography will provide an overview of foundational sources and tools in Japanese studies. It is currently being developed by students in ASIA 521A.
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