Documentation:Beckman Model J2-21M/E Centrifuge

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This centrifuge is located in MCML 112.

Beckman Model J2-21 ME Centrifuge Closed front view

Before Using

  1. Please obtain proper training from the APBI teaching lab technician Lewis Fausak ( prior to using the Beckman Model J2-21M/E Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge.
  2. Watch this video about safety when using centrifuges
  3. Open up the centrifuge and inspect the chamber and the rotor. Make sure that there are no liquids in the chamber or in the rotor. Thoroughly inspect the rotor for any defects, cleanliness, or signs of wear. If you find anything out of the ordinary, review with the APBI teaching lab technician or contact a Beckman representative.
Rotor Information
Rotor Rotar Entry Maximum Speed (rpm) Container Size (ml) Container Quantity
JA-14 14 14000 250 6
JA-18 18 18000 100 10
JS-7.5 7.5 7500 250 (hanging buckets) 4
JA-17 17 17000 50 14


Beckman Model J2-21 ME Centrifuge on off switch
  1. Cross reference correct sample container with appropriate rotor for size, materials,
    Beckman Model J2-21 ME Centrifuge key position
    container volumes, speed, temperature, and weights. Talk to the APBI Technician if you are unsure about what is appropriate for your samples.
  2. Turn the key to:
    1. 'Normal' for routine closed door centrifugation (typical setting)
    2. 'Zonal' for closed door operation below 3000 rpm and using the JCF-Z rotor.
    3. 'Program Lock' to use the last recalled program only. Parameters cannot be changed and diagnostic messages cannot be cleared until the key is first turned to 'normal'.
    4. 'Lock' the centrifuge will not operate when the key is in 'lock'.
  3. Tune the power switch to 'ON' position.
  4. To switch rotors, unscrew the rotor lid and lift up on the rotor. When inserting the new rotor, ensure that it drops into place and is secure.
  5. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the rotor lid bolt and the centrifuge gasket to ensure smooth operation and a tight seal.
  6. Rotor Selection: press 'rotor', and input the 'rotor entry' from the above table. Press 'enter/recall'.
    Beckman Model J2-21 ME Centrifuge Display Monitor
  7. Speed Selection: press 'speed' and input the correct speed using the keypad. Ensure you do not exceed the max speed. Press 'enter/recall'.
  8. Time Selection: press 'time' and input the correct time using the keypad. Press 'enter/recall'.
  9. Temperature Selection: press 'temp' and input the temperature for your samples. Press 'enter/recall'. If using refrigerated temperature, close the chamber door and let cool for at least 15 min.
  10. Press 'enter/recall' to ensure that settings are at the appropriate values.
  11. To open chamber door, press the button on the right side of the instrument while lifting the door at the same time.
  12. Ensure all sample lids are tightened.
  13. Balance the weight of samples + tubes to 0.001 g and place in the rotor. Even number of samples is required and should be placed across from each other. Never parafilm samples and put in the
    Beckman Model J2-21 ME Centrifuge chamber and JA 14 rotor
    centrifuge, the parafilm may get stuck during the spin and you will not be able to retrieve the tubes easily, which will cause damage to the centrifuge.
  14. Tighten the rotor lid by turning the big disc, then further tighten using the small disc.
  15. Close the chamber door.
  16. Push the start button to begin centrifugation, it will take about 1.5-2 minutes for samples to reach the correct rpm.
  17. When the run is complete the speed display should return to zero.
  18. Open the chamber door, open the rotor lid and retrieve samples.
  19. Inspect the chamber and rotor for any leaks or signs of wear, wipe the interior of the centrifuge with paper towel and rinse the rotor gently with warm water if there are any spills.
  20. Turn off power.
  21. Sign the log book/sheet for the centrifuge.