Documentation:Autoclave Operating Protocol Tuttnauer 3870M

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Operating Instructions

1.   Check the water level in the Reservoir (B) and add water when required. Water Should cove the cooling coils, but not be filled above the safety valve holder. IF water level is too lo, follow the procedure for Filling the Water Reservoir. Replace the water in the reservoir once a week or after about 20 cycles (the shorter period).

2.   To fill the water reservoir:

a.   Ensure the Drain Valve (A) should be CLOSED (tighten counterclockwise).

b.   Remove the water Reservoir Cover (B).

c.    Fill reservoir with DISTILLED WATER through the opening at the top of the autoclave to the base of the safety valve holder. Water level should cover the cooling coils, but NOT above the base of the safety valve holder.

d.   Replace the Reservoir Cover (B)

3.   Flip ON?OFF switch (C) to the ON position. Green power light (D) will turn on.

4.   Turn red tracking needle on PRESSURE GAUGE (E) counterclockwise to 0 psi.

5.   Open autoclave door and turn MULTI-PURPOSE VALVE KNOB (F) clockwise to FILL WATER position. Water will flow into the chamber.

6.   Once the water level reaches the goove in the front of the chamber or the mark at the front of the autoclave, turn the MULT-PURPOSE VALVE KNOB (F) clockwise to STERILIZE position. WARNING! MULTI PURPOSE VALVE KNOW should be turned in a clockwise direction only.

7.   Load the autoclave.

8.   Close the door and tighten the bolt to ‘hand-tight’ only. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

9.   Turn THERMOSTAT KNOB (G) to desired sterilization according to the following STERILIZATION TIME TABLE.

10. Set TIMER (H) to desired cycle time according to the following STERILIZATION TIME TABLE.

Material Ster. Temp TOTAL STERILIZATION TIME (does not include drying) (min) Models
Cold Start Hot Start Cold Start Hot Start
a. Unwrapped instrumetns, open glass or metal containers and any other items where such temperature is suitable 273°F (134°C) 16 11 - - 1730
27 13 2340
21 11 30 14 2540
32 23 3140, 3850, 3870
Single Instruments 12 9
b. Wrapped instuments, standard cassettes, rubber tubing and any other items where such temperature is suitable 273°F (134°C) 20 15 - - 1730
25 15 31 17 2340
34 18 2540
36 27 3140, 3850, 3870
c. Packs and any other items where such temp is suitable 273°F (134°C) 25 20 45 35 All Models
c. Any items where a lower sterilization temp is required 250°F (121°C) 30 25 60 50 All Models

NOTE: The table shows different times for M (standard manual) and MK (Kwiklave Manual) units as well as for hot and cold starts.

Make sure you are using the correct times for your model machine.

A hot start is any cycle that is begun within 1 hour of a previous cycle ending (including drying time).

11. The HEAT LIGHT (I) will turn on an remain on until correct pressure is reached.

12. Once the correct pressure is reached, the HEAT LIGHT (I) will cycle on and off to maintain pressure.

13. When TIMER (H) reaches 0 min, the heating elements will turn off and the buzzer will sound, indicating the sterilization cycle is complete. VERY IMPORTANT! If autoclaving liquids, SKIP step 14. DO NOT TURN know to EXH + DRY, otherwise the liquid samples will boil over inside the chamber.

14. Promptly turn MULTI-PURPOSE VALVE KNOB (F) clockwise to EXH + DRY (exhaust/dry) position. The water in the chamber will drain back into the reservoir. (Note: if pressure drops below 10psi, the water will not drain back into the reservoir due to insufficient pressure in the chamber. If this happens, leave unit in the STERILIZE position with door closed and locked. Reset timer for 10-15 minutes to bring pressure back up to 10 psi. When timer reaches 0 min, promptly turn knob to EXH+DRY to drain the water).

15. When the white needle on the PRESSURE GAUGE (E) reaches 0 psi, the door can be opened.

16. Open the door and remove items.

17. Turn the MULTI-PURPOSE VALVE KNOB (F) clockwise to the “0” (OFF) position.

Front view of Tuttnauer 3870M

18.  Flip the ON/OFF switch (C) to the OFF position.