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This page will serve as the hub for the Asian Studies Online Learning Tips and Tricks manual. Individual documentation pages linked below will take you to pages with video tutorials on the appropriate topics.

Although this guide was created for Asian Studies GAAs with their department's faculty in mind, the following tips and tricks can be useful for any instructors.

Goals of the project

There exists a plethora of documentation out there for the different platforms for e-learning and their various functions. However, much of the documentation is based around those functions exclusively, leaving the problem solving of how to use those functions to complete tasks up to the creativity of the instructor.

This project aims to create task-based video tutorials to explain how to use those multitudes of functions to complete a task. In that sense, it is meant to be a practical guide more than a theoretical or pedagogical guide, and will be based on the personal experience of the GAAs involved, the requests they have received from faculty, and pitfalls common to all instructors during online learning.

Common Problems

Efficiency Tips

How to set up gradebook view efficiently

Design Ideas and Tips


This project was started by the Fall 2020 GAAs:

  • Kurtis Hanlon
  • Olga Belokon
  • Shubham Arora