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About Canvas course templates

Using a Canvas course template as a starting point for organizing your course content can be very useful, whether your teaching modality is fully online, in-person or a hybrid approach. Create a consistent interface for your students, who appreciate having a reliable way to reach the content they are looking for at any given time. Simply copy the template into your course and customize to fit the needs of both instructors and students.

General templates for UBC Vancouver

The Online Teaching Program course in has a section that includes several generic templates available for use. Instructions for previewing and customization are included. You will have to enroll in this class in order to access the content. Please note: you must be logged into Canvas in order to preview and access these templates.

UBC Okanagan

UBC-O's Centre for Teaching & Learning offers a template for UBC-O courses and step by step instructions on setting it up.

Faculty of Arts

Information for Arts Canvas course templates.

UBC Science

UBC Skylight developed two templates specific for UBC Science courses.