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Atheism, Religion and Power
PHIL 487
Section: 001
Instructor: Dr. Christina Hendricks
Scott Carlson
Office: N/A
Office Hours: N/A
Class Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 17:00-18:30
Classroom: Buch D324
Important Course Pages
Lecture Notes
Course Discussion

Welcome to Phil 487: Atheism, Religion and Power. This is, obviously, our course wiki, and we'll be using this to exchange reading responses, papers, etc. If you're unfamiliar with using wikis, not to worry: there are plenty of instructional resources on this site, and I'll be doing most of the setup work anyway.

The course sections will be posted below. Your reading responses should be posted in the relevant places. Hopefully, this will provide a valuable resource for review. PLEASE NOTE: Try to avoid copying and pasting text from any program into here. If you do, some formatting code from that program will be carried along with it, garbling your text. If you've written an assignment in Word (or some other program), you can email it to me and I will upload or re-format it.


You can download the course syllabus directly by clicking on this link: Phil 487 Course Syllabus

Links to Readings

For the time being, I will post links to your readings here. Some will link directly to a download, some to a website; I will always indicate which.

Week 2:

1. Nietsche's Genealogy of Morality, a PDF download of the Clark and Swensen translation. This week, we'll be reading the preface plus treatise I and II. Please have at least the preface and Treatise I finished by Monday.

Week 3:

Treatise III from the Genealogy of Morality, plus "Morality as Anti Nature" and "The Four Great Errors" from (web link): Nietzsche's Twilight of the Idols.

More course content will also be posted as we proceed.