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Image for phil 449, from course website

Introduction to the wiki for PHIL 449, Spring 2014

I created this wiki so we could have a space for group collaboration on documents such as the course bibliography that has been built over the several times I've taught this course, by me and other students. It seemed a good way to have documents we could all edit (no one has to have a Google account, or download new software, etc.).

Most of the information for this course is on our course webpage: (

Pages from class discussions

Please see here for pages created during class discussions.

Working Bilbiography for PHIL 449

Please click Course:PHIL449/Bibliography to get to the bibliography, which you can also add things to (please do!).

Sign up sheet for presentation dates

Please sign up for ONE date on which to do your presentation (see here for instructions:

To edit this page and add your name or initials: Click on the CWL login button at left, and then click on "edit" on the page. That will take you to a box where you can type in text. Scroll down to the bottom to get to this sign up sheet, add your name or initials, and then click "save page" at the very bottom. That's it! If you want to know more about editing content in this wiki, see the wiki help page

You can just give your first name or your initials, if you don't want your full name on a public page like this

One name per date, please, unless all the dates are full, in which case you can add your name as a second one on a date.

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