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Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics
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Course Archive 2011-2012
MATH 322 /
Groups, Rings and Fields
Instructor: Sujatha Ramdorai
Office: MATX 1201
Class schedule: Tue Thu<br\>2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Classroom: LSK 460
Office hours: Wed 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
or by appointment
Course pages

MATH 322 is an honours first course in Abstract Algebra. It will cover Groups, Rings, Modules and Fields. The lectures will combine theory and examples. The text book for the course will be `Topics in Algebra' by I.N. Herstein.


Prerequisites for this course are: one of Math 152, Math 221 (both 80% or above), or Math 223 (68% or above), and one of Math 220, Math 226. Familiarity with proofs is essential.

Homework and Grading

Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. The assignments will be posted on the homepage. No late assignments will be accepted. The lowest homework score will be dropped. Homework will count for 20% of the total course mark. There will be one midterm exam; it will count for 30% of the course work. The final exam will count 50%.


The midterm exam will be held on October 18, 2011. The final exam will be held in the December exam period.


Missed Assignments will be marked as zero. Exceptions maybe granted in case of prior consent of the instructor or a medical emergency. In the latter case, the instructor must be notified as soon as possible, preferably before the test, and presented with doctor's note immediately upon the student's return to UBC. When an exception is granted for the missed homework, there is no make-up assignment, and the final exam mark will be used.

The Instructor reserves the right to change the present course outline at any time during the semester.

ANNOUNCEMENT Those who have not got the Assginment 5 can download it from this page and return the assignment on Thursday, Nov 10.