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Homework 13

Pick one of the topic offered below and then explain in your own words what it means that these concepts work on a logarithmic scale. Create a wiki page with all your explanations. The length of that page is up to you, but it should feel like the work of four people thinking about a topic and trying to make sense of it. If you drafted something and would like some comments (within 24 hours), send me an email and a link where to look at, I'll post comments). Topics:

  • Decibels
  • Richter magnitude scale
  • Brightness of stars
  • pH

If you have another idea, please send me an email to confirm your choice of topic.

Logarithmic scale


If say we are at a concert and we are standing near the speakers then obviously the sound that you hear would be very loud and thus the decibels would be very high. However the further and further you stand from the speakers the quieter the sound would seem, even at a concert.

Now assume that for every 2 meters away from the sound source you move the decibels decrease by one third, this then can be measured by a function with the base 1/3.