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Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics
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MATH 101 / 213
Integral Calculus with Applications
to Physical Sciences and Engineering
Instructor: Mahdad Khatirinejad
Office: MATH 111
Class schedule: Mon Wed Fri<br\>12:00 pm - 12:50 pm
Classroom: BUCH A202
Office hours: Mon: 1:00pm-2:30pm<br\>(in AUDX A147)<br\>Wed: 10:30am-11:50am<br\>(in MATH 111)
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How to write math in the wiki?

Here is a very useful guide for typing math. For example,

<math>\int_a^b f(x)dx = \lim_{n\rightarrow\infty}\sum_{i=1}^{n}f(x_i^*)\Delta x</math>



The formatting help page on wiki is also quite useful.