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The Gap Between Rich and Poor

The gap between rich and poor is worse these days.Rich people become abundant more and more. On the other hand, a third of population in world are suffer poverty or hunger. It is not happy global village.

Here is the story about homeless people's life during Vancouver Olympic.

Many people who came all over the world. Downtown in Vancouver was very crowded. I could not walk smoothly in the day which Canada got gold medal for ice hockey. Anyway, many people were in the downtown Vancouver in everyday during Olympic. However, homeless people were not in there. Before Olympic, many of them had been in downtown, but only few people were there. I guessed many homeless people moved into homeless shelter. And then, a homeless man was standing in the corner of department store. I had seen him before Olympic. He said loudly, " please your change or cigarette". Everyone completely ignored him. People who wear their national clothes or beautiful accessories. Their looks represented to their abundant life, but they were indifferent for the man.

Downtown in Vancouver during Olympic showed the serious situation about economic gap. How should we solve this problem?

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