Course:LING300/Unit 2

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Unit 2 focuses on detecting abstract syntax, and draws on material from Chapters 8 and 9 of Sportiche, Koopman & Stabler.

Local Selection

Core concepts relating to selection

first merge, external merge
non-local selection, movement, movement dependency, displacement, remerge, internal merge, transformation, feature checking
detecting non-local selectional relations
detecting movement, detecting covariation, idiom chunks, Case distribution, existential there
A-movement: NP-movement, DP-movement, raising
A-bar movement: wh-movement, topicalization
head-movement: verb raising, V-to-T movement, T-to-C movement, Num-to-N movement, affix hopping
t, ec, e, unpronounced copy
extended projection principle, subject, expletive insertion

Raising and Control