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This is the course wiki for LIBR 559L, Issues in Scholarly Communication, for Spring 2011. The course wiki is for students to indicate topics and dates for term papers and presentations. More information for LIBR 559L can be found on the course blog.

Major paper and presentation: to ensure a wide variety in presentations, please add your suggested topic and preferred date for presentation below. Checking with the instructor first is recommended but not required.

Format: name (or pseudonym) - topic - presentation date

June 7th: scholarly monographs & emerging trends is the class topic

  • Karen - The future of the scholarly monograph in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Open Access models for eBooks - June 7th
  • Mayu and Qin Qin - Data curation efforts at research and academic institutions in North America - June 7th
  • Florian - Reading the eBook: Consequences for Open Access monographs - June 7th
  • Cristina and Terra - University Presses: Publishing OA Monographs & Journals
  • Leah - Open Monograph Press - June 7th

June 9th (15 max.)

  • Schuyler - Evaluating the Effectiveness of Institutional Open Access Mandates - June 9th
  • Myron - Open Access and the Future of Historical Research - June 9th
  • Ashley- Institutional Repositories: A case study. ORBi and the University of Liege. (online presentation)
  • Dana - Digitization of Historical Materials
  • Matt - The Invisible College and the Preservation of Informal Scholarly Communications
  • Jonathan - Corporate Pharmaceuticals & Publication Planning Agencies
  • Seanna - Electronic Publishing in the Humanities
  • Harrison - Electronic Theses and Dissertations

June 14th (15 max.)

  • danielle lafrance - Precarious Labour: Authorship, Authenticity, and Digital Reproduction
  • Will The Collaborative Environment: The use of Wikis in Scholarly Communication
  • Sara Church - Scholarly communication in the academic music discipline
  • Kelly E. Lau - "Do you have the sheet music? : Musical Scores in the Public Domain"
  • Tristan Campbell - Open Access and Open Source
  • Keshav Peer review and authority in scholarly research
  • Kelly - Peer review
  • Bonnie Wen - Peer Review
  • Shawn Roncin - Scholarly monograph and the e-book
  • Andre Iwanchuk - Scholarly Communications in Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Sarah Fallik - Libraries as Publishers
  • Marty Rose - Past, Present and Future of Commercial Scholarly Publishing
  • Erol Olcay - Financial barriers for library services to provice access to scholarly literature
  • Adam Brownfield - What lessons can be learning from the success of Mendeley for Institutional repositories.
  • Adedoyin Adenuga - Functions of Scholarly Journals.

LIBR559L: Scholarly Communications Major presentation and paper: instructions

Presentation: about 8-10 minutes. Paper: about 3,000 – 4,000 words. Due June 16th Paper is to be archived in sample D-Space (optional). Publication in the class journal is optional.

Topic – choose from among the following. You may wish to narrow the topic. Feel free to suggest your own topic, but please check with the professor first. Your topic choice and a one-page outline is due on May 24th.

Please include at least one section on the implications and opportunities of your topic for libraries / librarians and/or archives / archivists.

Topics: the past, present, and future of:

  • scholarly communication in a particular discipline (e.g. history)
  • the scholarly journal
  • the scholarly article
  • research data
  • the thesis
  • the scholarly monograph
  • peer review
  • scholarly publishing (one of society, commercial, academic or libraryas publisher)
  • the invisible college
  • historical primary data
  • library collections services
  • scholarly communications in the (pick one of humanities, social sciences, pure sciences, or applied sciences)