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iSchool at UBC

Welcome to the iSchool at UBC's Information Technology Literacy Wiki. You can use this space to post your answer to task #7: "social media" in the information technology literacy test.

Please add new entries at the very end of this wiki and do not edit and/or delete posts written by other authors. Just edit/delete your own posts. Thank you!

Richard Arias-Hernandez

Alisah Hilt

Caroline Ahn

Rebekah Taylor

Kristina McGuirk

Caitlin Lindsay

Gisèle Dubeau

Philip Weaver

Alex Anaya

Shirlett Hall

Allison Comrie

Trang Dang

Lisa Zhu

Emily Larson

Manfred Nissley

Selah Williams

Alexandra Neijens

Meaghan Smith

Erin Flynn

Siobhan Devlin

Oisin John Moran

Jay Park

Kelly Stathis

Billy Augustine

Karen Barrow

Greg McLeod

Rylie Mawhinney

Nicole Mulder

Alexis Fladmark

Kathryn Hickey

Michelle Ng

Andrew Heinrichs

Eleri Staiger-Williams

Adair Harper

Avi Grundner

Alanna Blackall

Alexandra Alisauskas

Rhiannon Wallace

Kristin Simmons

Akinwekomi Olubusola

Prubjot Kaur Gill

Lindsey Bennett

Sophie Armond SOPHIE 2018/index.html

Irene Lin

Alicia Urquidi Díaz

Clara Gimenez-Delgado

Lydia Huey

Nanxi Liu

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my SLAIS index page

Eiman Elnoshokaty

Tumblr Blog: The Librarian Within!
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Kajola Morewood

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Amanda Grey

My Tumblr

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Jeremy Davet

Deanna Cundliffe

Brian Mayne

William Cahoon

Sheena Starky

Susan Webster

Devon Farrell

Bryan Wood