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  • 10% of Final Mark (4 postings worth 2.5% each)
  • The group blogs are an opportunity to communicate progress of your project to your community partner and the teaching team while engaged in Flexible Learning sessions.
  • You will be expected to integrate key themes and concepts from session resources (e.g. readings, videos, articles and/or podcasts) into your blog entries.
  • You will receive feedback and preliminary grades for each blog posting roughly one week after each due date.
  • Your group will have ONE WEEK to respond to feedback and make necessary changes before your TA will assign a final grade.

Learning Objectives

  • Critically analyze connections between food, health, and the environment within food security discourse
  • Evaluate the contributions of different food-related academic disciplines to addressing food security issues
  • Integrate academic and community-based approaches and evidence to understanding food security issues
  • Reflect on and assess personal experiences gained through participating in a collaborative community-based project
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge through digital media


Blog postings should follow the guidelines set out for each posting. Your group is communicating to a public audience as future professionals within the food system. Be mindful of language, images, videos or other media used in the blog. See the Blog section in the course Resources for tips on how to create engaging blog posts.

1st Posting


  • Introduce your group (e.g. name, major, and interests) - include a photo(s).
  • Articulate group interests, goals, reasons for choosing project, and what you wish to gain from your experiences in LFS 350
  • Introduce your project objectives and community organization (if applicable)
  • Describe first impressions of process to date (integrating the themes from Ernesto Sirolli's TED Talk and the principles of Asset-Based Community Development + Food Justice)

2nd Posting

Project Proposal + Progress

  1. Post a PDF of your project proposal
  2. Articulate your Weekly Objectives and Achievements
  3. Using the What, So What, Now What framework, reflect on a moment of significance that has occurred in the course so far.
  4. Identify upcoming objectives and strategies to achieve them.

3rd Posting

Strategies for a Graceful Dismount

  1. Articulate your Weekly Objectives and Achievements
  2. Describe and reflect on your group's Moment of Significant Change workshop from tutorial session (include an image of the graphs your group created).
  3. Describe your groups strategy for successful project completion (the Graceful Dismount).

4th Posting


  1. Using the ''What, So What, Now What framework, reflect on a moment of significance that has occurred in the course.