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The following is a compilation of inclusive online physical activity resources for people with disabilities. This list was generated by KIN 341: Instructional Strategies for Including Persons with Disabilities in Physical Activity students, led by Dr. Jasmin Ma.

Note: Click 'expand' in the far right column of tables to view content. With information changes and availability, information is continually evolving and information may contain inaccuracies.

Synchronous classes

Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
JCC virtual experience JCC offers an online experience to individuals of all abilities. They have a gentle fitness category suitable for older adults or individuals who may be new to physical activity. -Individuals who use wheelchairs

-older adults with arthritis, osteoporosis or mobility issues.


-exercise bands

-light dumbbells

-phone or laptop

Membership fee is 50$

Classes are free with membership.


ICORD ICORD offers a diverse experience of online physical activity classes that include chair workouts with minimal equipment required for people with spinal cord injuries. -spinal cord injuries -chair


-exercise bands

-phone or laptop for virtual fitness

Free of charge for PARC participants -
Mind Body Solutions Mind Body Solutions offers two styles of online yoga classes which are available to wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users. The classes include a seated adaptive class for those with mobility disabilities and an ambulatory adaptive class is catered towards individuals who are able to walk but live with impaired mobility or balance issues. Seated Adaptive Class:

- paralysis

- amputation

- spinal cord injury

- arthritis

- muscular dystrophy

- multiple sclerosis

- brain injury

- spina bifida

- cerebral palsy

Ambulatory Adaptive Class:

- individuals who are able to walk but live with impaired mobility or balance issues

- Zoom account

- device that supports zoom (computer/laptop/ phone)

- Free of charge. Online registration necessary 952-473-3700 (voicemail)

[Follow link for email- [2]]
Ability 360 Ability 360 provides exceptional adaptive sports, recreation, aquatic, and fitness programs that promote the independence, health, and overall well being of people with disabilities and their family members. With a membership, you can access a variety of in person and online classes. Three online classes include online Zumba/Dance, Stretch Fusion (Works on improving the whole body integrating breathwork, stretching, postures and poses combining different Yoga principals), Tai Chi, and seated Strength & Conditioning. Available to those of all abilities Tai Chi:

- Socks

- Chair

Strength & Conditioning:

- fully seated class

- little to zero equipment


Stretch Fusion:

- Yoga mat

- chair

- blanket, pillow, and long scarf for comfort and assistance in accentuating stretches


- No equipment needed

-Annual Membership Cost (USD): $255 (Youth), $357 (Adult), $306 (Senior). Classes are free with membership

- Daily drop in: $5

- Punch Pass (12 visits): $50

602 376-8891
Disability Foundation Disability Foundation offers a diverse experience of online physical activities.  It offers different online experiences that include adaptive chair yoga classes and adaptive fitness classes suitable for older adults, people living with mobility difficulties, and individuals living with a physical disability. - older adults and people, living with a wide range of mobility challenges, and those recovering from addictions (chair yoga classes).

- individuals who are living with any physical disability (fitness classes)

- chairs (chair yoga classes)

- device that supports Zoom (laptop, computer, phone) for virtual fitness

- online registration necessary 604-688-6464

Parasport This online experience offers a single live session every day during the first week of the month.  The online classes include virtual physical activities such as strength and tone, H.I.I.T, Yoga, Boxercise, and Pilates. - mixed gender older adults and elderly persons with visual impairments - a device (laptop/computer/phone/tablet) that can support Zoom and has access to the internet to participate in - online registration necessary [[4]]

MS Workouts MS workouts is a strength-training program to help individuals with Multiple Sclerosis improve their mobility. There are Facebook live yoga classes and group discussions alongside videos to watch on their website. - Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis - A device that supports Zoom

- Equipment shipped to you with membership.

- If not signed up for membership you may need a chair, band, and mat

Membership fee: 30$/ per month. Discounted rate when you sign up for more than a month.

- free but only get access to videos.


Call at: 512-993-7037
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

(Regional Programming for select areas in the USA when not during COVID-19)

Do it program for individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) looking to move forward with their lives and maximize functional outcomes. Classes offered include mat class, spin class, aerobics, weight training, lecture series, and mobility series. - individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) - device that supports Zoom

- some classes may need weights


- Need to register for classes on the website


Call 212-241-4477

Virtual Series during Covid-19 Restrictions:

The support group classes on Wednesday is only for people who live in New York, WestChester, or Long Island
Canucks Autism Network The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) offers synchronous physical activity classes for early years (3-6 years old), children (7-12 years old) and adult (13-17 years old and 18+ years old). The program structure consists of virtual sessions lasting one to two hours, once per week and lasts approximately six weeks. The programs are led by a certified personal trainer with a focus on keeping participants active, increasing endurance, strength, and flexibility. Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Virtual active early years program (3-6 years old): the equipment checklist includes a pillow, balloon, coloured paper, rolled up socks and/or a ball.

Virtual movement children program (7-12 years old): the equipment checklist includes a balloon, balled up socks, string, wrapping paper cardboard tube, paper plate, tape, post it notes, laundry basket or large bowl.

*Note: many of these objects can be substituted for other common household objects.

Virtual adult fitness program (13-17 years old and 18+ years old): the equipment checklist includes hand weights, yoga mat and a kettlebell. However, participants may replace this equipment with household objects such as soup cans, filled water bottles, backpack with heavy items and more.

There is an annual $25 CAN membership for access to all programs.

**It is important to note, that all participants must be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder to receive a membership. In addition, parents can request to pay a CAN membership through their Autism government funding.

Office Information

1788 West 8th Avenue

Vancouver BC, V6J 1V6


Regular Office Hours

8:30am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri (except statutory holidays)

Fill out online form for inquiry on CAN website.
Move United - #AdaptAtHome The organization Move United has created a schedule of synchronous adapted virtual fitness programs. #AdaptAtHome classes are aimed to promote physical health and wellbeing, positivity, and inclusivity for all individuals with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. These various classes include morning meditation, seated adaptive yoga, ambulatory adaptive yoga, strength, and conditioning classes and so much more. The fitness instructors are trained in helping participants adapt exercises to best support their movement abilities. Various physical disabilities, general population with possible adaptations and more.

For example, the seated adaptive yoga is designed for individuals living with physical disabilities such as partial or total paralysis, amputation, spinal cord injury, severe arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Whereas, the ambulatory adaptive class is designed for individuals who can walk with weakened mobility and balance.

Depending on the program description.

For example, the adaptive athlete HIIT training class is designed to utilize individual body weight and household objects to promote strength and conditioning.

Move to the Beats with JanpiStar class is a Latin and World music dance lesson only requiring a positive attitude and lots of energy.


All participants must do is register online by clicking the date of the class they would like to attend and then they will have access to the scheduled Zoom videocall link.


1.301.217.0968 (FAX)

451 Hungerford Drive, Suite 608,

Rockville, Maryland 20850


Fill out online form for inquiry on Move United website.
Adaptive Training Academy An organization that aims to make fitness training accessible and inclusive to all individuals, regardless of fitness ability and physical limitations. Offers virtual small group training or 1-on-1 virtual training. Appropriate for individuals who require adaptive training, such as persons with amputations or wheelchair users. - A device that supports zoom

- Other equipment depends on client and personal goals and what is accessible to the individual.

Rates will vary depending on size of group, length of program, and trainers assigned.

(may have access to grants and scholarships to fund training)

Email [[8]]


Book a virtual meeting with an ATA staff member
MUVE Encourages people to dance spontaneously and exercise for health and fun. Offers online Zoom meetings Monday-Saturday at 1:00 pm PST. Their website also offers over 130 dance-along videos. MUVE dances are created in the moment with no preparation, counting, or memorization is required. Appropriate for all ages, dance abilities, and those with disabilities (intellectual and physical).

Offers chair dances for individuals with limited mobility or are wheelchair users.

- A device that supports Zoom

Other equipment depends on class/video:

- Chair Muve requires a chair

- Some dance along videos with games and toys will recommend props like hats, scarves, balls, etc.

Free Maggie Kunkel [[9]]
Centre d'art de Préville: Fine Arts Centre An organization that provides live online classes for young adults through a program that involves dancing through basic rhythm and creative movement. Available to adults 18 years+ with various range of abilities. - Internet connection

- A device that is able to connect to the internet.

- Equipment will depend on what the class for that day entails.

$84 for the entire 7 week session. 450-671-2810

Register online to begin program.
Adults in Motion Offers a daily "Exercise and Dancercize" live synchronous class from Monday to Friday. The music based classes include low impact exercise and "dancersize" concepts that can be enjoyed by everyone at any coordination level. Available to individuals with any level of fitness and ability. -Internet connection

- A device that is able to connect to the internet. - Equipment will depend on what the class for that day entails.

$12 per 45 minute class
  • 519-277-3723

Email or call for more information.

Register online to begin program.
Wheelchair Dancers: Virtual Dance Classes Wheelchair Dancers offers live virtual dance classes including Hip Hop, Jazz and more… for all abilities Inclusive to all abilities, catered to individuals living with mobility disabilities -Internet Access

- Electronic Device to access livestream (Smart Phone/Computer/Tablet)

Free or By Donation
Adaptive Adventures Webcast Workouts Join Adaptive Adventures weekly on ZOOM for At Home Tone: A full body workout utilizing resistance bands Appropriate for all abilities. There is an emphasis on following directions and communication with or without assistance - Internet Access

- Electronic Device to access livestream (Smart Phone/Computer/Tablet)

-Water bottle

-Resistance band, foot cuffs and a door anchor (free with registration)

- Chair

- Anchor point (doorway, couch or any solid structure)

Free or By Donation
Ocean and Crow Yoga: Gentle Adaptive Hatha Yoga with Katie Blecker The Gentle Adaptive Hatha class is suitable for a wide range of students. The class is adapted primarily with the option to use a chair. There are options to do balance work with the assistance of the chair. Many modifications are given throughout the class, and choice-making is always encouraged so students can choose what feels right to them. Suitable for people with various physical disabilities, especially mobility and balance disabilities. - Internet Access, Electronic Device for access to livestream (Phone/Computer/Ipad...)

- Email

- Water bottle

- Yoga Mat and/or Chair

- Yoga Blocks (optional)

- Blanket (optional)

$15 + GST per class

$78 + GST for 6 week session (6 classes)

Financial Assistance passes available, email to inquire.

Strive Centre Vancouver: Virtual Recreation Programs Participants are given exercise options to stay seated or stand depending on their balance and comfortability.

Advanced cues and instruction are given for those who have visual impairments.

Encouraging participants to do what they can and take breaks when they need them.

Stretching is included in all programs to stretch out muscles worked, thus hopefully preventing any post workout injuries.

People with acquired brain injury. People with intellectual disability, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or Autism Spectrum. People with visual impairments. People between ages 19 to 64. - Internet Access, Electronic Device for access to livestream (Phone/Computer/Ipad...)

- Email

- Water bottle

- Chair

- Weights are optional. All exercises can be done with or with out.

- Participants requiring any personal assistance must be accompanied by their own worker/attendant/volunteer.

Free upon successful intake application.

Eligibility Criteria:

Participants are between the ages of 19 and 64.

Participants diagnosed with an acquired brain injury and residing in the Vancouver Coastal Region are able to refer themselves to the centre.

Participants diagnosed with an intellectual disability, FASD, or Autism Spectrum must be referred through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). Upon intakes, participants are required to sign a form which indicates they will exercise at their own risk, and acknowledge it is under their discrepancy to follow up with health professionals if needed.
Piedmont Yoga Community (PYC) Piedmont Yoga Community (PYC) aims to provide adaptive yoga classes for people with disabilities and chronic diseases, working to foster a safe environment for developing physical, mental and spiritual wellness. PYC provides a 75-minute virtual adaptive yoga class for people with developmental disabilities every Wednesday, as well as a 90-minutes virtual adaptive yoga classes for people with physical disabilities and chronic diseases every Thursday and Saturday. Appropriate for people with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and chronic diseases. Yes

- Internet access.

- Electronic devices such as phones and laptops which provides video and speaker functions.

- Chair.

Free for Yoga class for people with developmental disabilities. $15 for a single class/$50 for a series of 4 classes for yoga for people with disabilities and chronic conditions. Via email at or submit a contact form at
Adapt Functional Movement Center Adapt Functional Movement Center provides a variety of virtual adaptive classes for people with physical disabilities, which includes adaptive personal training classes, adaptive yoga classes and adaptive boxing classes. The organization recruits a group of professionals in teaching adaptive classes for people with physical disabilities and aims to help participants improve their physical and mental health. Appropriate for people with physical disabilities. Yes.

- Internet access.

- Electronic devices such as phones and laptops which provides video and speaker functions.

- Chair.

- Yoga mat.

- Personal training equipment such as stretch bands, dumbbells and boxing gloves.

Free for single drop-in class. $1/month for introductory membership. Via email at or by calling +1.760.614.2418
Spirit Club Fitness for All Offer virtual classes through Zoom. There are three instructors in a class at the same time. One is standing, one sitting, and one for the general population. Appropriate for all, has special accommodations for people with sensory disabilities. Yes. Internet access. Any electronic device that is compatible with zoom. $89.99 US or pay what you can (ex. $1 if low income and can't afford. Etc.) 301-933-3722
Momo Movement Dance and theater program done through online live zoom dance classes. Classes run for 12 weeks per semester (four seasons semester per year). Each semester is a different dance style. Physical or intellectual disabilities welcome. Open to everyone. Yes. Internet access. Any electronic device that is compatible with zoom. Participants welcome to bring their own props. $150 per semester (12 weeks).

$90 for low income.

403-253-3174 ext113
YMCA Bellingham: Live Senior Fitness Online Virtual classes such as Balance Class with Tammy & Mary, Senior Strength with Tara, Chair Yoga with Beth, Senior Cardio with Tammy, Senior Cardio and Strength with Mary, along with self-guided home workouts with bands, weights,with balls and for balance are all offered through the YMCA’s Virtual Live Senior Fitness! Appropriate for Seniors who often experience limited Range of Motion (ROM), have low muscle tone and muscle weakness. Yes

-Internet Access

-A computer is required that has installed the software Zoom

-If computer is not available a phone to dial into live sessions is required

-Working computer speakers

-A chair if necessary and meets participants needs

-If chair is needed make sure it is stable, sturdy and has no arms

-If chair is not required for participant, something that is sturdy to hold onto is ideal for when the time comes depending on the exercises provided

-Water bottle for hydration when needed

$25 whether you are a community member, program member, or a non-member. -Call 1-253-215-8782 US (Pacific Time Zone) if computer speakers are unavailable in order to better hear the instructors throughout each live class session.

-If having technical issues with Zoom, please contact Administrative Director, Krissy Norton at [[10]]
Adapt Training Sitstrong Adapt Training Sitstrong is a Virtual home program for wheelchair users that provides 30-minute workouts 3 times a week that targets improving shoulder strength, increasing shoulder health and achieving meaningful results.
  • All Wheelchair users
  • Suitable for those with no current upper body injuries
  • Limited core stability and weakness
  • Yes
    • Laptop, tablet, phone- a camera must be available on one of these devices
    • Zoom program
    • Weights such as dumbbells OR wrist weights are recommended but not required
    • If participants have minimal to no grip, 1 pair of adjustable velcro wrist weights are recommended (between 0-5 lbs).
    • If a participant has full grip present, 1-2 sets of dumbbells (between 2-10 lbs) is recommended or if the participant does not own a set of weights, household items such as cans of food, milk cartons, etc. are suitable.
      • Helpful Household Equipment Options:
        • 1 lb- canned goods, a bottle of vinegar, salad dressing
        • 2-3 lbs- bottle of wine
        • 4-5 lbs- small bag of pet food, small bag of potatoes or a medium bag of rice
        • 8 lbs: a gallon of water/milk
        • 10 lbs: a large bottle of laundry detergent
    • For core stability, a gait belt or long waist belt is recommended to wrap around body and chair
    • If needed, an assistant to help with adding or removing weights and to help spot with upper body exercises is allowed
  • $50 that includes a complimentary chair-based, shoulder maintenance routine which is assisted or unassisted depending on participants' needs.

The voice of learning disability

Online fitness classes for people with learning disabilities that are accessed through zoom. Accessible for participants with limited space. Appropriate for people with learning disabilities. Yes, internet access with a device compatible with zoom and a chair for sitting exercises Free or by donation
Adaptive Yoga Live Inclusive online seated yoga classes for all ages and abilities that are tailored to people with disabilities. Appropriate for people with injuries, physical limitations, disabilities, etc Internet access with a device compatible with zoom and a chair. You can also use "yoga props" but these are completely optional Free or by donation
Adaptive Yoga LIVE Free adaptive yoga classes designed for people with disabilities. Programs are designed for those who have injuries, disabilities, and older adults. Equipment: A chair and an electronic device with Zoom is necessary to access the synchronous classes.

Optional: Yoga blocks and belts

All programs are free of charge.

Online registration is necessary.

BC Brain Wellness Program Daily exercise classes, yoga, dance classes, mindfulness classes, and more. Individuals living with chronic brain disorders, their care partners, and older adults. Equipment is needed depending on the programs that the clients are registered in. For the exercise classes, participants will need some weights, a sturdy chair, and a mat for floor work. Participants will also need an electronic device with internet connection that can support Zoom. All programs are free of charge.

Online registration is necessary.


Phone number: 604-822-7754
ConnecTra- Adaptive Fitness with Megan Williamson ConnecTra is hosting a weekly online workout with Megan Williamson, a certified personal trainer. These weekly workouts are held every Thursday at 12:00pm PST and the workouts are held live on Zoom. Sessions will also be recorded and streamed to Facebook. Appropriate for individuals with physical or sensory disabilities

Megan Williamson has extensive experience in teaching exercises for individuals who have a spinal cord injury and will provide instructions with respect to any physical limitations that participants may have.

Yes, computer/tablet + access to Wifi/Internet

Equipment suggestion will be brought in by the instructor

Free Megan Contact Info:

ConnecTra Phone Number: 604-688-6464

Registration Link  for the Zoom sessions:

Facebook Link for Recorded Sessions:

These classes are currently only available until June 24th, 2021.
Rock Steady Boxing Vancouver Rocksteady boxing provides an online group boxing program for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. These classes are instructed by individuals who specializ in working with people with Parkinson's Disease. Appropriate for individuals with Parkinson’s Yes, personal computer and wifi/internet access $10 (CAD)

Phone: 778-918-2475


Name Brief Description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations(if for specific disability please specify) Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
iBreathe This app guides the user through exercises to regulate their breathing through varying breathing patterns.  In addition to rehabilitation, it also serves as means of relaxation and meditation.  Appropriate for everyone but would be well suited for people who live with disabilities that impact their breathing. No App: Free

In-App Purchases: $1.99 USD (to use without advertisements)

Clicking “contact” under the “more” section allows the user to contact the developer.


Subject: iBreathe iOS App

For Apple Devices

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Dexteria - Fine Motor Skills The app's hand and finger activities use the multi-touch interface of your phone to help build strength, control, and dexterity. Accessible for all abilities but would be a great activity for people who live with delayed or impaired fine motor function. No equipment besides a smartphone is needed $8.49 CAD N/A (through the app or app store) For Apple Devices:

For Android Devices

This app is both android and iOS compatible. Additionally, it is very user friendly.
Chronic Pain Tracker Lite This app helps to record your pain history and aids in providing an accurate pain summary report to your doctor. It is especially effective in tracking pain that may arise during physical activities as it is quick and easy to use, ultimately not taking much time out of your activity. Individuals tracking recurring pain Smartphone is needed Free N/A For Apple Devices:

Unfortunately this app is only available on iOS devices
Be My Eyes With Be My Eyes, people with a disability of visual impairment can perform physical activity with the help from volunteers. Whether it's moving to and from the grocery store or moving around, your volunteer will help you keep moving. People who live with visual impairment. None Free N/A URL Download:

For Apple Devices

For Android Devices:  :

The app can be used on Android or IOS. It is extremely user friendly.
Jooay This app connects children and youth with disabilities to leisure activities. The app allows teachers, health care providers, parents and community organizers to locate and engage in adapted leisure activities in the community. Children and Youth with a disability and their parents, teachers, health care providers, and community organizers. None besides a smartphone. Free Email:


For Apple Devices

They are in the midst of making this app accessible to Android Users. It is also extremely user friendly.
Healthy at home Central hub for resources and activities that you can do from home. Includes exercises for those who live with disabilities such as amputations and wheelchair users. Also includes workouts, yoga, and dance videos for seniors. Everyone (specifically those with limited mobility, but can be used by everyone) None besides a smartphone. Free For Apple Devices

For Android Devices

iAccess life This app lets users with disabilities explore spaces that are accessible and review them for other individuals. This app could be useful for finding accessible environments for physical activity. The app would allow individuals to know if the environment is equipped for them to thrive with their unique disabilities. Users with mobility impairments including wheelchair users, and users of other mobility aids (canes, crutches, etc.) None besides a smartphone. Free For Apple Devices

For Android Devices

As soon as you enter the app, there is a category labelled “gym”, and you can review other users experiences with facilities nearby in order to confirm the space is accessible for your individual needs. It reviews different aspects of the gym such as the entrance, bathroom, parking, interior, and there is a space to read written reviews.
Fitness For Amputees This app was created for individuals who have amputation of the upper and/or lower limbs. The information provided has been developed by Ottobock physiotherapists. Demonstrative videos are supplemented and there are modules for both leg prosthesis wearers and arm prosthesis wearers, all of which aim to create increases in muscular strength, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, mobility and muscle relaxation. There are modifications through the levels of difficulty provided: easy, normal and difficult. There is also a music option and a way to track progress through each exercise. Amputees Access to a smartphone, mat, towel and ball. Free [[11]] For Android Devices

This app can be used on Androids/Google Play, as well as on apple products.
FallSafety Home - Personal Alert Falls may be a concern for wheelchair users with spinal cord injury or people who live with disabilities which effect coordination and balance.

FallSafety Home provides fall and high heart rate detection and automatic alerts for emergency assistance. Emergency contacts can be notified by text message, voice message, and email. iPhone speaker plays a siren alarm sound, even if headphones are plugged in.

Individuals at risk of falls. None besides a smartphone. App:Free to use with 1 emergency contact

In-App Purchases: $4.99 per month, to receive 5 emergency contacts and daily start app reminders

Email: also provides a chat function to talk with a “Health and Safety” solutions specialist.

URL: For Apple Devices:

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch series 3 and above
Pain Therapy: Exercise Videos This app offers over 40 different mobility/movement exercises to choose from, which also include instructional videos demonstrated by a physiotherapist. It is all organized based off of the types of injuries, equipment needed or not needed, and anatomy. These range from helping to treat a variety of body dysfunctions, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation in a variety of instances. There are also pregnancy-related videos for mothers who are looking to keep moving during the prenatal period. This app is primarily beneficial for those with physical disabilities. Since there are instructional videos with audio and language translations this can also be beneficial for those with sensory disabilities. Pregnant women can also find benefits by using the movement videos provided to them to help them stay fit. Foam roller, resistance band, Kneeling Cushion, Stretch-Out Strap, and Swiss Ball. Access to a smartphone is also needed. $2.99 For Apple Devices Can play off a TV or mobile device, apple products only. Languages:

English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Wheel Mate Provides an overview of nearest wheelchair-friendly toilets and parking spaces on an interactive app. Includes community curation of location verification.  Wheelchair users Android or Apple device (The app requires 25.2 MB of space). Free For Apple Devices

For Android Devices:

Evolve 21 Evolve 21 is an inclusive exercise app for people of all abilities including wheelchair users to amputees. Users can choose between fitness, meditation, and yoga routines. There is also an optional challenge where one can exercise for 7 minutes a day for 21 days to fundraise for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Everyone including wheelchair users and amputees. No additional equipment besides an Apple/Android device that can download the app. Free Users can visit the website and send an email through the "Contact Us" link.


Email Richard, the app developer, directly.


For Apple Devices:

For Android Devices:

Wheel Fit - Wheelchair Exercises & Workouts An android application that provides workouts and training plans, nutrition and diet plans, stretching routines, and more for wheelchair users. Individuals who use wheelchairs. Minimal to none required (e.g., optional use of free-weights). Access to a smartphone is needed. Free N/A For Android Devices:

Requires an android system to download.
Physiotherapy Exercises The app provides 600 exercises that can be used to filter searches through a variety of categories such as condition, body part, equipment available and age categories. The app allows the user to improve strength, flexibility and fitness. This app was created to promote an independent lifestyle by creating exercises that do not require a physical therapist and can be done at home. People with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions No equipment required. free URL:

this is a web app that is meant for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
AccessNow This app uses a crowdsourcing to pinpoint the accessibility status of locations on an interactive map. This allows people to browse or search for specific places to see what is nearby and what accessibility features are provided. If info isn’t already on our map, you can add it yourself and contribute to our worldwide community. Wheelchair users, user with mobility aids None besides a smartphone. free For Android Devices

For Apple Devices

Wheelchair Exercises Includes exercises in flashcard form to help children in wheelchairs develop gross motor strength, coordination and balance. These exercises include full body movements but largely focus on upper body movements. The exercises provided in this app are split into categories which include shoulders, arms, legs and back and each exercise includes an animation that comes to life when tapped on, so each movement can be replicated correctly. This app was specifically designed to aid Physical and Occupational Therapists in working with patients. Wheelchair users who are 4 years of age or older. None stated, however, free weights and resistance bands may be applicable. Access to a smartphone is also needed. $6.99 CAD For Apple Devices

Compatible with iPhones and iPod touches with iOS 6.0 or later and with iPads with iPadOS 6.0 or later.
Wheelchair Calorimeter Tracks calories burned specifically for manual wheelchair users alongside logging each exercise session achieved by the user. This app developed specifically for manual wheelchair users affords them the opportunity to engage in physical activity that can be tracked correctly for accurate results, thus, encouraging more manual wheelchair users to participate in physical activity. The adaptability of this app, which caters to the needs of manual wheelchair users by providing them with the opportunity to track their physical activity progress accurately, can lead to an increase in their participation in physical activity. Wheelchair users who are 4 years of age or older. Manual wheelchair and iPhone. Free N/A For Apple Devices

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 8.1 or later.

According to Williams et al., (2017) when there are diverse physical activity interventions offered to people with disabilities then they are more willing to engage in physical activity.

Exercise Buddy Exercise Buddy aims to inspire persons with autism and related disorders to be physically active, and empowers parents and professionals to help persons with autism and related disorders to be physically active. The app features over 125 exercises that each include visual supports and video modelling. The app also provides social narratives and verbal praise, and additional learning tools such as classroom and at-home worksheets. Perople with autism and related disorders, their parents, teachers, health care providers, and community organizers. iPad and/or Android device. Free Available on Apple App Store for iPad devices only and Google Play.
Strong Arms Workout Companion Strong Arms Workout Companion app allows wheelchair users the opportunity to track their progress during physical activity. Information that is collected during the use of the application includes tracking wheelchair pushes, heart rate zones, calories, and many more diverse options within the app. Wheelchair users are able to interact with an app that is designed around their needs and will track their progression towards their fitness goals. Wheelchair users

(Ages 4 and above)

None besides a smartphone. App = Free

In-App Purchases = Pro Monthly ($11.99),

Pro Yearly ($92.99)

Clicking the “Contact us” section at the top right of their website, provides the opportunity to communicate with the developer. URL:

For Apple Devices

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Step It Up Step It Up app allows the general public and wheelchair users to interact with an application that will track their progress throughout their workouts. Information that is collected during the use of the application includes tracking walking steps, wheelchair pushes, calories, distances, goals, and many more diverse options within the app. Users are able to interact with an app that is designed around their needs and will track their progression towards their fitness goals. General population

Wheelchair users

(Ages 4 and above)

None besides a smartphone. App = Free

In-App Purchases = Step It Up Plus ($5.49)

Clicking the “Contact me” section at the bottom of their website, provides the opportunity to communicate with the developer.

Email =

Twitter = @beansbytes

Instagram = @beansbytes


For Apple Devices

Available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Ufit Ufit is an app that has resources for people with disabilities as well as an educational tool that provide opportunities for fitness professionals to adapt their training regimen to be inclusive for those without the capabilities. People with Intellectual Disability, Visual Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, Autism, Mobility Aid, and Mental Health Smartphone Free N/A For Apple Devices:

For Android Devices:

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Trekfit Trekfit is an all-inclusive app which provides users with outdoor physical activity spaces throughout Canada and also displays lists of workout programs for adults, seniors and wheelchair users. They have up to 32 exercises for wheelchair users. Trekfit also sells outdoor fitness equipment that can be used by all individuals of the community. Ages 4+, all inclusive Resistance bands, partner for support, and access to a smartphone. Free 514.447.8884 or For Apple Devices:

For Android Devices:

Requires iOS 11.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Fit Wheelchair Fit Wheelchair utilizes your iPhone and apple Watch to display your workout data and utilizes a calendar layout to organize, and observe patterns in your workouts. Fit Wheelchair’ features include a heart rate display/monitor (which can be connected to the Health app on the iPhone or Apple Watch), a wheelchair push count similar to how most fitness trackers count steps, and GPS route tracking to display distance, pace, splits and route maps. The Fit Wheelchair app also incorporates a scroll to start tool which allows individuals to start workouts with gloves on, and the entire app can be integrated with the Health App on your iPhone. Individuals who require a wheelchair for mobility and exercise. An Apple iPhone, iPad and/or Apple Watch $2.79 N/A For Apple Devices:

Requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
CP-Fit CP-Fit is a free exercise utility designed for children with cerebral palsy. Exercises in the app are chosen specifically for children with cerebral palsy. The child’s physical therapist can also modify and edit the exercises based on the child’s progress and individual considerations. There are animated GIFS to demonstrate to the child and their parents how to perform the exercise. There is also a report system that is used to track and monitor exercise progress. For each exercise completed, the child receives points and can be rewarded prizes by their care-takers based on the points they earned. This app provides instructions and demonstrations of exercises, a means of reporting and monitoring progress, and incentive for children with cerebral palsy to stay physically active. Children with cerebral palsy Apple Device with internet connectivity Free Phone: (669) 241-4624

Email: [[12]]

For Apple Devices:

Only available on Apple Store
iBeatPain for Teens The iBeatPain for Teens app is targeted towards helping teens and parents dealing with chronic pain. iBeat Pain for Teens provides a variety of goals ranging from self-care, exercise, sleep, positive self-talk, and more. The app allows teens to personalize their goals, and work towards achieving their daily goals. The app provides steps and tips on how teens can achieve their goals. Moreover, iBeat Pain for Teens also allows teens to connect with others who have chronic pain. Specifically designed for teens and parents with chronic pain (Ages 4+) iPhone (to download the app) otherwise no additional equipment needed Free Developers website:

Customer support email: [[13]]

General information email: [[14]]

For Apple Devices:

This app requires iOS 8.0 or later versions. This app is available on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. This app is provided in English.
iMAV iMAV provides exercises for individuals suffering from Migraine Associated Vertigo. These exercises can be from seated or standing positions, individuals are encouraged to record their exercises and determine their ability to balance. Over time the app hopes individuals will see improvements in their balance scores. Specifically for individuals with Migraine Associated Vertigo (Ages 4+) iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to download the app. Otherwise no additional equipment needed. Free, although has in-app purchases ($13.99 to unlock all exercises) N/A For Apple Devices:

This app requires iOS 10.3 or later. This app is available on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. This app is provided in English.

Strengthening videos

Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
School of Strength Series of strength and body conditioning videos provided by the Special Olympics Organization for people with intellectual disabilities Appropriate for those with intellectual disabilities Not required for all exercises, but some exercises may require a rug/exercise mat or wall to lean on Free with internet access and a device to watch it on
Adapted Kids Yoga Adapted Yoga playlist for kids on Youtube by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD). Appropriate for kids for triplegia, muscular dystrophy, hypotonia, diplegia, and ataxia No - but a rug/exercise mat may make it easier on the joints.

Depending on child's age and ability, a partner may be needed

Free with internet access and a device to watch it on
LimbPower Toolkit - Strength and Conditioning Limbpower is an organization that provides resources for amputees and individuals with limb impairments. One of the resources from LimbPower is their strength and conditioning exercise videos. The videos also provide adaptions to the exercise. Amputees No Free [[15]]
WheelPowerVideos: Ben Clark - Resistance Bands Chest Workout WheelPowerVideos is a YouTube channel that provides exercise videos for wheelchair users. In this video, Ben Clark is doing a resistance band workout that mainly focuses on the chest muscles. Appropriate for wheelchair users Yes - Resistance bands Free
Wheelchair Fitness with Paul Eugene Youtube playlist that features seated strength training videos designed for individuals with limited lower body mobility. Appropriate for individuals with physical disabilities (specifically those with limited lower body mobility). No Free
Power to Move Youtube channel that features strength training videos for those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Appropriate for individuals with either physical or intellectual disabilities. No Free


MS Workouts Youtube channel that offers videos to improve strength, balance and flexibility for people with Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Exercise mat, chair, resistance bands, free weights and access to internet Free
Unified Health and Performance Youtube channel that provides several strength training videos for individuals with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Resistance bands, medicine ball, free weights, exercise machines and access to internet Free
Disability Horizons Video from website created by and for members of the Disability Community (fitness, lifestyle tips etc.) Appropriate for those with either temporary or permanent leg injuries/disabilities Yes - chair, mat/carpet *15-$40/ month
  • Prices may Vary
SCI Action Canada Active Homes Website developed by SCI Action Canada with various strengthening videos. Contains videos demonstrating proper warm-up techniques as well as written strength training guides. People with paraplegia and quadriplegia. Yes: resistance bands, or any weighted objects to replace resistance bands such as a soup can or water bottle. Free
Dom Thorpe Online Fitness Website with various strengthening videos. Also includes written descriptions of what muscle group each exercise is targeting and ways to further modify each exercise if needed. People with varying disabilities, including but not limited to partial body paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Rheumatoid arthritis. Yes: a chair to sit on if not a user of a wheelchair -- other equipment not necessary, however dumbbells and resistance bands can be used to increase the difficulty of the exercises. Free
Apple Fitness + Online Video Database. Exercises are equipment agnostic and include input from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a U.S.-based organization for athletes with physical disabilities. Appropriate for people with physical disabilities. Those with sensory and intellectual disabilities may need a faclilator to help navigate the app and assist in the biometric tracking. Yes: Requires Apple Watch for biometric data tracking $12.99 CAD / month or $99.99 CAD / year
Mission Gait Youtube Channel. Instructional videos, case studies, patient education videos for rebuilding lower body strength and walking. Appropriate for people with physical and sensory disabilities, especially those undergoing rehabilitation for walking. Yes: Requires access to basic resistance training equipment for some activities Free
Eyes Free Fitness: Weights level 1 Audio only video for strength, balance and flexibility described in detail People living with blindness/low vision, low muscle tone, and low range of motion. Especially beneficial for people new to exercise who prefer to exercise at home Comfortable clothing to move in is needed as well as a chair and 2-5 lb weights. In place of dumbells, wrist weights, soup cans or water bottles will be a completely acceptable substitution A device and internet access that can play Youtube None This channel has many more videos that could be used by this population
Eyes Free Fitness: Gentle Workout set: upper

body and core

Audio only video for gentle core and upper body workout that is described in detail. This video the participant remains seated People living with blindness/low vision, low muscle tone, lower limb amputation, and low range of motion.

Especially beneficial for those that are new to exercise who prefer to exercise at home.

Comfortable clothing to move in, a chair, 2-5 lb weights. In place of dumbells, wrist weights, soup cans or water bottles will be a completely acceptable substitution

a towel or neck tie.

A device and internet access that can play Youtube None This channel has many more videos that could be used by this population
YOGATX This is a youtube video that primary does yoga. For individuals who went through surgery and/or injured their knee and/or for individuals with physical disabilities. Chair and a yoga mat (or anything for a softer ground) Free (require internet access)
HASfit It is a channel that is dedicated to those with mobility limitations. It provides seated variations of the exercises being done. For individuals with a limited range of motion, low muscle tone, and limited mobility. May require:

- chair

- weights or 2 water bottles (optional)

Free (require internet access) channel:

specific strength video:

This channel does have more videos for those with limited mobility.
YMCA at Home A 'Gentle Fit' playlist with videos mainly focused on seated exercises aimed at improving upper body strength (with auto-generated closed captioning) Individuals with limited lower body function, reduced mobility, joint pain, deafness or hearing impairments. Yes,

- Chair


- Resistance band

- Medicine ball

- Dumbbells

Free with internet access NA This playlist includes other exercise-related areas of interest such as balance and coordination, yoga, and manual dexterity.
Pahla B Fitness Two repeatable, completely seated video guided workouts aimed at improving strength. (with auto-generated closed captioning) Individuals with limited lower body function,limited mobility, joint pain, deafness or hearing impairments. Yes,

- Chair


- Dumbbells

Free with internet access NA -


Several other low-impact workouts are available on this channel.
Adapt To Perform A YouTube Channel that posts exercise videos for people who use wheel chairs. Appropriate for people who have limited lower body function or people who use wheel chairs. Yes.

- Access to internet

- Dumbbells

- Resistance bands

$40 - 170 CAD Facebook:


Or call:

+44 1202 944786 This channel also posts videos that share the lives of people who use wheel chairs.
MS Society A YouTube Channel that posts strength training videos for people who have multiple sclerosis (MS). Specific for individuals who have MS. Yes.

- Access to internet,

- Dumbbells might be required.

-Most equipment used is available from individuals' house. For example, a pillow was used in a session.

$0 - 100 CAD Official Website:

Or call:

0808 800 8000 Also offers videos that explain what MS is.

Other cardio and yoga videos are also available on their channel.

WeCapable - Resistance Training Exercises for Disabled People Easy to follow videos to build resistance power in muscles to help counter external forces and increase balance in those who are prone to falling. Designed for individuals in wheelchairs, however can be applicable to anyone.

Mainly targets core and upper body, with some upper leg muscle. However exercises can be adapted to fit individual's needs and abilities.


- Resistance bands - Comfortable exercise/movement allowing clothing


- Stationary chair (for stability)

- Dumbbells and/or free weights (recommended for increasing challenge level of exercise)

Free services.

Internet access and a device to be able to watch videos such as laptop/computer,. tablet, or mobile phone is necessary.



This website includes multiple other resources for disability management. Includes infographics, literature on laws and policies, and tips for helpful assistive devices on the market.
Portland State University - Accessible At Home Workouts Wheelchair basketball type workouts to complete on your own at home. These workouts focus on strength, coordination, endurance, cardio, and stretching. Designed for individuals in wheelchairs, however can be applicable to anyone.

Mainly targets core and upper body, with both gross and fine motor skills. Cardio work can be adapted to be accessible to individual's needs and abilities.


Recommended equipment:

- Hand weights,

- Theraband resistance band/tube

- Medicine ball

- Comfortable exercise/movement allowing clothing

Equipment can be substituted using items found at home:

- Cans of soup or jugs of water (for strength training)

- Towels that can be used for sliding, stretching, and cooling off

- Cordless jump rope (for cardio, strength, and coordination)

Free services.

Internet access and a device to be able to watch videos such as laptop/computer,. tablet, or mobile phone is necessary.

Calling locally (Portland, OR):


Calling outside of Portland:

1- 800-547-8887


Exercise instructions used have been added from the "Move United #AdaptAt Home Exercise Resource Library" that is available on YouTube to watch.

Another resourced used in the planning, as well as a great resource on YouTube is the "Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF) Wheelchair Basketball Training Zone".

Found at:


Kaiser Permanente Thrive Kaiser Permanente Thrive is a YouTube Channel that features both strength and aerobic training exercises for those with limited lower body mobility issues. This Channel also includes home workout safety tips. Individuals with spinal cord injuries, individuals with limited lower body mobility issues, as well as others who would like to benefit from seated exercises. A resistance band is optional and may want to consider a trunk strap to maintain balance but not required. Free
Bob & Brad Bob & Brad is a YouTube Channel that features strength and aerobic workout videos for those with limited lower body mobility issues. Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck are Physical Therapists who aim to support and encourage wheelchair users to get active virtually with leg strengthening exercises. Individuals with limited lower body mobility, such as wheelchair users with physical and/or sensory disabilities related to leg injuries. Appropriate for those who would like to benefit from seated exercises as well. Any rubber playground ball but not required. Free Visit or email
Move with MS MS Society YouTube channel that provides a variety of workouts for those with MS or mild to moderate symptoms Upper and lower body exercises to do while seated. Wide variety of movements that can be done with or without equipment. Exercises are designed for people with MS or mild to moderate symptoms. Exercises are appropriate for the general population. -Dumbbells, but not required. Free visit for more information about MS Society

Facebook: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Instagram: @mssociety

Twitter: @mssociety
Dr. David Russ Series of movements and exercises that can help mobilize and strengthen your lower core from chiropractor and neuromuscular therapist Dr. David Russ of Portland, Oregon. Appropriate for general population with back pain or previous back injury None Free visit

for more information on spine health

Cardio videos

Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
Parasport Home Workout #2 (Aerobic Exercise) This 20 minute class is designed to elevate heart rate through gentle aerobic motions. Warm up is provided at the beginning and cool down is provided at the end. Individuals who are seated (i.e. individuals who use wheelchairs, amputees or those with limited leg mobility)

Modifications are offered for individuals who are standing

-Wifi and device to watch video on is required

-no exercise equipment is required

Free N/a N/a
Friday Aerobic Workout 1 by Wheely Good Fitness This is a 30 minute Aerobic exercise video with continuous motions for individuals who use wheelchairs. Arm movements can be as large and/or as quick as desired to modify the level of difficulty of the class. Cool down and light stretching exercises are provided at the end. Individuals who use wheelchairs (Modifications are offered for Individuals who are standing).

Individuals with the ability to move their upper arms

-Wifi and device to watch video on is required

-no exercise equipment is required

Free N/a N/a
Wheelchair Aerobics: Beginner Exercise Video for Kids, Adults, and People with Disabilities Wheelchair aerobic videos are extremely useful and effective methods of presenting cardiovascular fitness in an accessible manner through maintaining inclusivity for individuals living with physical disabilities which may interfere with typical aerobic exercises.  Appropriate for individuals living with physical disabilities, specifically for individuals who use wheelchairs or have limited lower limb mobility. A chair or wheelchair needed.

Wi-Fi and device (ie. phone, iPad, laptop) needed to view videos.

Free of charge


None This website has a number of useful videos for individuals with limited lower body mobility interested in resistance exercises as well.
NCHPAD Inclusive Tip series: Row This short yet helpful series delivers accessible fitness video tips for individuals exercising with wheelchairs. Rowing is a wonderful cardio exercise and can be performed (as shown in this video) with a rowing machine often available at most gyms. Appropriate for physical disabilities, specifically individuals who use wheelchairs or have limited lower limb mobility. A rowing machine is required.

Wi-Fi and device (ie. phone, iPad, laptop) needed to view videos

Free of charge if using equipment at gym

To buy rowing machine: Approximately 400-1000$ (depending on used/ new, condition, and brand)

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)






Email N/A
Shepherd Center Youtube channel This Youtube channel created by the Shepherd rehabilitation center in Atlanta Georgia features a number of cardio focused exercise routines made for individuals with spinal cord injuries, and individuals who use wheelchairs who have upper body function. There also includes a number of instructional videos for resistance training in the same population. Individuals who use wheelchairs and have upper body function. None. Free N/A
Cardiovascular exercise video by Kaiser Permanente Thrive This 50 minute video offers both aerobic and resistance/strength training exercises, and includes safety tips specifically designed for patients with spinal cord injuries. The narration is knowledgeable and detailed, and will likely address any questions or concerns Individuals with varying levels of spinal cord injury and others who benefit from seated exercise. Yes, a waist/trunk strap, damp cloth.

Optional: resistance bands, dumbbells.

Free N/A
SEATED CARDIO BOXING WORKOUT - Paraplegic/other disability or anyone! This 15-minute seated boxing workout video is easy and quick to follow. Not necessary for boxing only. Great workout for anyone who wants cardio workout.   Appropriate for wheelchair users and anyone who has difficulty in lower body mobility   Yes: to make it more challenging dumbbells can be used (OPTIONAL) Free N/A
Colleen Connolly - High Intensity Seated Cardio Session This video is an upper-body cardio session. One workout consists of 5 different exercises and each exercise is 30 seconds long followed by 20 second rest in between each exercise. You repeat the same workout 3 times. Appropriate for wheelchair users and anyone who has difficulty in lower body mobility None. Free N/A
PARC Online Classes: ZOOMba This is a 60-minute fun dance class that builds up intensity for a great cardiovascular workout. You will be dancing to songs by Michael Jackson, Queen, Whitney Houston and more! Modifications for movements will be provided to challenge strength and endurance. Appropriate for people with spinal cord injuries (chronic, complete, or partial paraplegia or tetraplegia).

Individuals with all abilities are welcomed!

No equipment needed; however, a device with wifi and Zoom is needed to attend classes. Free with membership.*

It is free to become a member of PARC.


Phone: 604-675-8814

Website: PARC is a community-based research facility within ICORD (located at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre in Vancouver, B.C).
  • Must be a participant at PARC at ICORD to have access to online classes.

To become a participant, please contact the facility through phone or email.

Tough Wheelchair Cardio Workout // At Home! This is a 30 minute at home workout which helps improve cardiovascular and is a great video to enhance your cardio workout if you are bored of the hand cycle/wheelchair pushing exercises.  Appropriate for people who use a wheelchair and have upper body function. Cardio pole Access to video is free through youtube.

May need to purchase a cardio pole; can use household items such as a dowel. Adapt to Perform is a youtube channel dedicated to free adaptive workouts that you can follow along to live or on your own time. Ben Clark also provides nutrition, advice, and motivation for people of all abilities.
Series of Light to Moderate Aerobic Workouts for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease A collection of aerobic exercise videos by Power for Parkinson’s. These Parkinson’s focused workout videos are light to moderate intensity and range from 10 minutes to an hour in length. Specifically designed for individuals with Parkinson’s disease but may also include the general population who wants to incorporate light aerobic exercise into their fitness regime. Videos may require a chair, light free weights, and/or a soft rubber ball. However, some videos require no equipment at all. Free Email: [[16]]

Phone: 512-464-1277 N/A
Aerobic Exercise Tips for MS An 11 minute video created by the National MS Society that provides aerobic exercise tips for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. These light intensity exercises are created to help improve symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis and are adaptable for all levels of ability. Specifically designed for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. However, exercises are adaptable for all levels of ability. None Free Website: N/A
30Min Seated Cardio Boxing Workout for Disabled, Injured, Paraplegic or Amputee A 30 minute limited mobility seated cardio workout suited for everyone. This dynamic workout incorporates “kickboxing” moves that engage the upper body including arms and core. Appropriate for individuals with paraplegia, any injuries in the lower extremities (e.g., ACL, ankle injuries, etc.,) or amputation requiring the use of wheelchairs. No equipment needed.

Can be modified with the addition of light free weights.

Free Email: N/A
Wheelchair Fitness Exercise Fat Burner Workout! | Sit and Get Fit! This engaging 20-minute cardio workout video will get the body moving with the rhythm of the music. It includes arm movements that engage the core muscles to help burn some calories while having fun. Appropriate for individuals with paraplegia, any injuries in the lower extremities (e.g., ACL, ankle injuries, etc.,) or amputation requiring the use of wheelchairs. No equipment needed.

Can be modified with the addition of light free weights.

Free Email: N/A
The Best of the Best YouTube Workouts for People with Limited Mobility This website has a collection of 3 of the best aerobic, cardiovascular exercises and workouts for people with disabilities.  The videos are embedded in the website as YouTube videos.  The videos range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes in duration.  The author of the website describes each video and outlines what equipment is needed.
  • Individuals with Limited Mobility
  • Individuals who use wheelchairs
  • Each video has modified alternative movements specific for different fitness levels
  • Water (all videos are intense, so make sure to stay hydrated)
  • Access to Internet to watch Videos
  • OPTIONAL: Light dumbbells (not required, but can be used to increase intensity of exercises)
Free Not Applicable Not Applicable
Adapt to Perform:

20 Min Fat Burn HIIT Workout for Wheelchair Users

This YouTube Video is a 20-minute, fat burning, high intensity interval training workout for wheelchair users. It consists of 4 sets of 5 different exercises, alternating between 30 seconds on and 30 seconds of rest.  The video starts with a quick warm-up before the workout begins.
  • Wheelchair Users
  • Individuals with Limited Mobility
  • Individuals who may be recovering from a lower-body injury and need a seated workout
  • Individuals who may have difficulties standing up
  • Water
  • Timer or Stopwatch
  • Access to Internet to Watch Video
  • Optional: Dumbbells if you want to increase intensity of workout
  • If you do not have access to dumbbells, you can also use water bottles or any other form of resistance that you can hold in each hand
  • Optional: Active Hands if necessary and if using dumbbells
Free Not Applicable Not Applicable
Aerobic Exercise Videos for Seniors with Chronic Pain, Arthritis, and/or Osteoporosis Dr. Andrea Furlan

is a physician, scientist, and professor of Medicine in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The youtube channels offers a variety of informative and aerobic exercises for those dealing with chronic pain, specifically Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Appropriate for seniors dealing with chronic pain, Osteoarthritis, and Osteoporosis. Dr. Furlan’s YouTube Channel is accessible through a computer or phone with internet connection. Free Twitter: @adfurlan


The Arthritis Fitness Channel! A YouTube Channel with aquatic aerobic exercise videos focusing on a variety of muscle groups for fit individuals Appropriate for Fit Individuals suffering from arthritis The Arthritis Fitness Channel YouTube Channel is accessible through a computer or phone with internet connection. Free

Disability Aerobic Workouts - Chair workouts Youtube channel: Diverse Personal Training strives to diversify their personal training regime and recently have aimed to make workouts more accessible for individuals with disabilities. This resource does not require any equipment, and can be done by sitting down. In other words, it is cheap, and feasible. It targets the aerobic side of fitness and is therefore appropriate for individuals with disabilities. The workout is planned out for 30minutes with is an adequate amount of time. No Free

Twitter: @Natasha_Korbut
Seated Cardio Workout Lucy Wyndham-Read is a Youtube channel that has recently been focusing on making fitness training more accessible. Suitable for anyone recovering from an injury, illness, or wheelchair bound.

Also introduces a 4-week home seated wellbeing plan in the description.

Does not necessarily need any other equipment than a chair and some open space. The workout itself is free of charge and is available on Youtube.

The 4-week home seated wellbeing plan costs: £9.99

N/A Lucy Wydnham-Read Youtube Channel:

4-Week Home Seated Well-being Plan:

Intense cardio workout for wheelchair users This is a 30 minute video that allows wheelchair users to follow. Richard in a high intensity cardio workout using a weighted ball. Targets individuals of all fitness levels who use wheelchairs and have upper body function, as well as the general population. Yes:
  • a basketball is suggested for beginners;
  • For intermediate individuals, or once an individual gets comfortable, a weighted medicine ball is required.
free N/A
Accessible wheelchair aerobic exercise This is a 20 minute accessible cardio workout YouTube video that wheelchair users can participate in with the guidance of Ella Beaumont. This video targets individuals of all fitness levels who are wheelchair users and have upper body function. This exercise is designed to be used anywhere. None. free N/A N/A
Excy Hand Cycling for Cardiovascular Health and Upper-Body Strength Hand cycling offers the opportunity to include cardiovascular activity into exercise plans especially for those who may have a physical disability. This exercise can be executed at the convenience of the user’s home. As seen in the Youtube video, there are multiple ways that the hand cycle could be used such as in various positions. This would focus on the upper body. Targeted for those with a spinal cord injury as well as the general population who want to incorporate aerobic exercise into their fitness regime alternative to running. Yes: hand cycling bike

Yes: can also make modifications using resistance bands instead as a cheaper substitute.

$699 (buy)

$299 + $34/month (rent)

$50 for resistance bands

Free: if an accessible gym has similar equipment


Resistance bands on Amazon

Aerobic Workout for Individuals with Paraplegia Aerobic exercise that can be done individually or with others. This requires no equipment and actions can be easily replicated with the video displayed. This video targets the upper body as well as the aerobic system. Targeted for individuals with paraplegia, or anyone with physical disabilities where transportation is a barrier, but still wanting to participate in aerobic activity. Great mobility exercise for individuals in wheelchairs that allows them to be physically active. None. Free National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-900-8086 N/A
Seated Aerobics Workout at Home! This is a 26 minute seated aerobic exercise.

If your mobility is limited because of an illness or injury, you can still keep your heart and lungs in good shape, and lose weight, with chair aerobics.

Appropriate for individuals who are in a wheelchair, or those with limited mobility. Only a chair. Free N/A
20 Minute Cardio & Core Seated Workout for Injured, Amputee, Wheelchair Bound or anyone! This is a 21 minute seated cardio and core workout for anyone! Her channel is wonderful for other seated workouts too! Appropriate for individuals who use a wheelchair, or those with limited mobility. Yes. A chair and a weight. The weight can be substituted with anything. Free N/A
BlazeSport America YouTube channel “BlazeSport America” is a YouTube channel and non-organization that enables youth and adults with spinal cord injuries realize their potential through sport ad healthy lifestyle. Their videos provide information about the nature of various injuries, healthy eating and various upper body exercises for people on wheelchair. Their target audience are people with disabilities including people with visual impairment, amputation and a neurological disability such as cerebral palsy. Most of their videos do not require any equipment. However, some may require resistance training equipment such as light weight, medicine ball or rubber band. Free N/A
Powered to Move YouTube channel “Powered to Move” is a YouTube channel and organization that aims to provide physical fitness for people with disabilities. They have workout videos for people with physical as well as intellectual disabilities. Their videos include tips for everyday active living and healthy eating. They have in-person classes and events such as hand cycle instruction/ casual group ride for people in the Dallas, Texas area. People with physical and intellectual disabilities. Most videos requires no equipment, and some require hand cycle bikes. Free N/A

Online physical activity counselling/coaching/training services

Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
Get in Motion, presented by the Canadian Disability Participation Project (CDPP) Get in Motion is a free program that provides Canadians with physical disabilities an outlet to receive coaching to initiate or help maintain a physical activity program from the comfort of their own home. The program is available for Canadian adults who have access to a phone or computer. This program is appropriate for people with disabilities including but not limited to spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and amputation. Overall, Get in Motion opens its doors for anyone with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities. Specialized equipment is not needed for this program, yet some household equipment may be needed for certain exercises or activities. Free Phone: (613)533-6000 (Kingston, Ontario)


Online sign up form: Will operate until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
Virtual Youth & Adult Programs presented by Canucks Autism The Virtual Youth and Adult Programs is an online program for autistic youth and adults presented by Canucks Autism Network (CAN). This program provides Canadians with autism spectrum disorder an opportunity to participate in a workout class online led by a certified personal trainer from the comfort of their own home. The fitness sessions will have a focus on aerobic endurance, strength, and flexibility (no previous fitness experience is required). Individuals across the autism spectrum. Hand weights, Kettlebells, and a mat. If you do not have hand weights or kettlebells, you can swap them for a backpack or bag filled with heavy items or even a bottle of water. is a link for the specific equipment you will need each week (1-6 weeks).

$25.00 Annual Fee and completion of online membership application at Email:

Phone: 604-685-4049
SCI&U Online program that allows for interactions with experts who will provide one-on-one coaching with the aim of helping people with a spinal cord injury live a healthier lifestyle. SCI&U covers topics such as: stress management, diet, exercise, bladder health, bower health, and how to achieve behaviour changes. Designed for individuals with a spinal cord injury. Yes, personal computer/tablet and Wifi/Internet Access Free Website:
WAGS of SCI WAGS of SCI is a meet up and support group aimed at helping women who have a significant other with a spinal cord injury. Originally designed to support the partners of men who live with spinal cord injuries.

Their new program allows men with spinal cord injuries to gain physical fitness through one on one video calls.

Yes, For the at home online coaching service a personal computer with a strong WI-FI connection is required. Workout and personal equipment may be required upon the clients needs Monthly Program: $40 CAD/Month

BI-Annual: $35 CAD/Month

Annual Plan: $30 CAD/Month

Email: URL: Within the various plans provided, the client will also receive a once a month call with the trainer to discuss nutrition, food prep, how to eat for their body type and ways of improving energy levels.    
NCCP Coaching Athletes With a Disability A recognized National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP), ‘eLearning Workshop’, offered by The Coaching Association of Canada. A web-based module for new, and continuing, coaches in order to further their education to help support a positive and inclusive sport/coaching environment for athletes with disabilities. Appropriate for individuals coaching athletes with behavioural, intellectual, physical, or sensory disabilities Yes, personal computer and wifi/internet access $15 (CAD) N/A After completion of this module NCCP coaches are able to redeem 5 professional development points towards Maintenance of Certification (if applicable)
NCHPAD 14 Weeks to a Healthier You A personalized 14-week web-based healthy living motivation program that provides weekly exercises and physical activity tips, healthy nutritional recipes and tips, motivational resources, coaches, progress tracking, and connection to other participants. Program registration and delivery, via videos and tips, can be accessed on the NCHPAD 14 Weeks to a Healthier You website. Provides options during registration to specify whether the participant has a physical, sensory, cognitive, and/or learning disability Yes, personal computer, and wifi/internet access Free N/A N/A
Virtual Special Olympics Programming (Special Olympics PEI) Quality virtual content focusing on staying active and social, virtually, produced by the Special Olympics PEI organization whose mission is to use sport to assist persons with intellectual disability to become their best selves – physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Yes, a device that can join the live calls and webinars and internet access to connect to the online meetings. Free Phone #: (902) 368 8919

Game Plan A service for Canadian National athletes and retired Canadian national athletes that help advise and support their needs. For example, discussing ways to manage training during COVID-19 restrictions (Co-Op). Appropriate for both Canadian National athletes with/ without disabilities (physical, sensory, or intellectual). Have to be eligible to be a member of Game Plan ( Yes, a device that can join the live meetings and webinars and internet access to connect to the online meetings. Free Contact information @:
Coach Me Strong One-on-one individualized exercise coaching and accountability partner. Parkinson’s and other neurological challenges, also appropriate for other conditions, disability or older age. Yes: electronic device with internet access Intake: $199 USD

Monthly: $149 USD/mo

Phone: 619-736-2511 Integrates other current programs with variety of physical training and nutrition recommendations
Body & Soul One-on-one individualized personal training General population, inclusive for various health conditions/limitations such as: injury, surgery, osteoporosis. Yes: electronic device with internet access and Zoom Assessment: $95 (complimentary when purchasing 10 or more PT sessions)

Virtual 50-min session:



Phone: 604-224-2639 30-min complimentary Zoom consultation recommended to assess suitability
Youth Without Limits Support Group The group is for (but not limited to) youth and young adults ages 13-29 years old with cerebral palsy and is a program at Cerebral Palsy Association of BC (CPABC). These support group  sessions take place every Friday over Zoom and engage participants in discussing various topics, including health, recreation and accessibility, coping with mental health, and as well as a variety of others. These discussions allow participants to learn from and support one another while socializing. Sessions often include guest speakers to help educate the participants. People who live with Cerebral Palsy Electronic device with internet access Free Denzil at Although this support group is not specific to physical activity, many of the topics discussed are focused on or relevant to physical activity.
Adapt Functional Movement Centre Adapt Functional Movement Centre offers a variety of courses over Zoom, including: Monthly support meetings with members and leaders, held to encourage participation and boost self confidence through peer interaction;

2 AdaptFit courses, led by seated and standing athletes; Adaptive Yoga for all abilities; and Adapt Education, in which individuals can learn about many different topics.

Depending on the class chosen; classes led by both seated and standing athletes allow for most physical diversity, while Adaptive Yoga is suitable for all levels of physical, sensory, and intellectual abilities. The general population would benefit from these courses as well with modifications. Yes, electronic device and internet access; yoga mat or soft area to stretch on. $1 for first month of membership, fees following are unclear. Was unable to clarify further equipment requirements and cost via email.

Physical activity organizations

Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
Southlands Therapeutic Riding Society A registered, non-profit charity that provides therapeutic equestrian activities for individuals living with physical, developmental, cognitive and/or mental health barriers. Open to any individual living with a barrier that would like to be active with horses. No: will be provided (adaptive saddle and helmet) Intake Session: $65

30 Minute Lesson: $65

45 Minute Lesson: $90 (bursaries available)

Phone: (604) 837-2042


Address: 6767 Balaclava St, Vancouver, BC., V6N 0A7
Power to Be A non-profit organization that creates access to nature and outdoor activities for youth, families, and adults living with barriers such as cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers. Open to people living with a disability or barrier. Family members and support workers are welcome as well. Individuals will have to consult with a team member and attend a trial program to find the best fit for you! Depends on the activity. Adaptive equipment will be available for use. $10 per activity (bursaries available) Phone: 604.971.505.2182

Address: Pemberton Avenue North Vancouver, BC, V7P 2R5

BC Adaptive Snowsports

A non-profit organization that provides opportunities to people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities to ski and snowboard throughout BC. Open to any individuals with a cognitive or physical disability. Depends on the regional club. $53 for a membership.

Lessons vary based on regional club.

780 SW Marine Dr., Vancouver, BC, V6P 5Y7

PARC (Physical Activity Research Center) The facility is committed to providing opportunities for the local spinal cord injury (SCI) community to participate in research on exercise and physical activity. Open to individuals with SCI, traumatic or non-traumatic injuries. No, fully accessible gym available. N/A 818 W. 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1M9

NeuroSask Active and Connected A virtual program tailored to people with neurological conditions providing physiotherapy-guided movement and social connection during COVID-19. A 30 minute virtual movement class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm CST (12 pm PST) followed by a 30-45 minute 'connect' activity on Thursdays. Open to individuals with neurological conditions including but not limited to multiple sclerosis, parkinsons and spinal cord injury. None indicated None for suggestions and questions registration can be done on the website URL provided. It is a drop-in program and can be joined at any time.
Alzheimer Society Minds in Motion Gentle fitness program followed by social activities designed to stimulate thinking, play, laughter and conversation. Currently offered online as of January 19, 2021 until it is safe to gather in person again. Open to people experiencing early symptoms of dementia and their care partners Y,

-laptop or tablet that has a microphone and video camera

- stable internet connection

-two-hard backed chairs for exercise

None for the current online program First Link Dementia Helpline: 1-800-936-6033 Similar programs are offered in other provinces and territories virtually (and in person when safe to do so) by the same organization.
Richmond Disability Centre - Walking & Wheeling Club The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) is a non-profit organization that is focused for individuals with disabilities and community-based. Walking & Wheeling Club is active from April to August, every Tuesday, and the club walks around the trails in Richmond and sometimes Vancouver. Open to individuals with disabilities, RCD members, friends, and families. No $10 for Annually RCD Membership. $5 for Annual renewal fee. Phone: 604-232-2404

Email (general inquires): [[17]]

Unit 842 - 5300, No.3 Rd Lansdowne Centre, Richmond, BC, V6X 2X9

Program & Services Contact:

Tom Tang

IL Program Director: Program & Services

Disabled Independent Gardeners Association (DIGA) DIGA works together with the Tetra Society of North America to help allow individual with physical barriers the ability to participate in gardening independently . Open to any individuals with disabilities. No - adapted equipment (from Tetra) are provided. Free Phone: 604-688-6464

318 – 425 Carrall St. Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3 DIGA General Information: Sheryl Newman Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 117 Email: Community gardens run during the Spring and Summer seasons.
Vancouver Power Soccer A recreational, registered club program for people who use power chairs. Non-profit organization that is not publicly funded. This program is open to all ages, abilities, and skill levels to learn and practice the fundamentals of Power Soccer through fun games and drills. Individuals with Physical disabilities Yes - wheelchair Cost: $90 Annual Membership for September to June. (604) 251-2030


6260 Killarney St, Vancouver, BC V5S 2X7
GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre A rehabilitation centre that has an accessible fitness centre. It also provides inpatient, outpatient, outreach and clinical support services across British Columbia and the Yukon in four unique programs: Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and Neuromusculoskeletal. It also has specialized programs for adolescents and young adults. Rehabilitation for individuals with newly diagnosed neurological or musculoskeletal impairments No - equipment is available at the facility **Price can vary depending on what your rehabilitation plan is and what your insurance provider covers.** 4255 Laurel Street Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9 Phone: (604) 734-1313 - Switchboard (604) 737-6291 - Referral intake office Fax: (604) 730-7904
British Columbia Blind Sports and Recreation Association Association dedicated to facilitating physical activity engagement and achievement through community programs, physical activity guides, loans, research, and training. Any level of Visual impairment or disability No - Equipment may be loaned No Telephone 604 325-8638

Toll Free 1-877-604-8638 Fax 604-325-1638 email: [[19]]
Cerebral Palsy Association of BC Provides local programs and support for people with cerebral palsy to engage in a variety of adapted recreational activity People with Cerebral Palsy No No Phone: 604-408-9484

Toll-free: 1-800-663-0004 Email: [[20]] Recreational classes are currently held online via Zoom
North Shore Disability Research Centre The only organization on the North Shore that helps assist anyone regardless of their age or disability. This group pairs individuals with programs and services that best suit their needs. Programs like the summer bursary program, which provides financial support so youth with disabilities can attend recreational programs or summer camps. People of varying disabilities and barriers No Membership costs $10 anuually Phone: 604-985-5371


Address: 3158 Mountain Highway North Vancouver, BC V7K 2H5
United Spinal Association A peer support group that works to help individuals that have spinal cord injuries or disorders. This association has created a network of support groups called the “Spinal Network” so individuals, families and friends can find a support group that is in their area. These groups promote socialization, improved self-esteem, recreational opportunities and community transition. All these attributes may facilitate increased community involvement which includes physical activity and exercise groups. Individuals that have suffered a spinal cord injury or are clinically diagnosed with a disabling disorder. No Membership is free Phone:718-803-3782

Fax:718-803-0414 Becoming a member allows individuals not only to access peer support groups but provides them with a variety of resources. Such as getting quick access to products and services.
PAIN BC Pain Support and Wellness Groups hosts a bi-monthly meeting online where members will have the opportunity to share their experiences with chronic pain, their self-management strategies and participate in guided gentle movement exercises with a group facilitator. Individuals who are experiencing chronic pain and who live in BC Yes - Access to computer and internet Free Only available for BC residents
Exercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well (EXCEL) An online support group to help people who are at different stages of cancer treatment and recovery. Using physical activity along with peer and professional support to enhance their quality of life while addressing fatigue, balance and range of motion concerns. Designed to serve people in rural communities. Canadians who are currently undergoing cancer treatment or who are in recovery (up to 3 years post active-cancer) Yes - Access to computer and internet Free 12-week program, 2 sessions/week. Active research taking place within program (5 year grant which started in 2020)
Parkinson Wellness Project PWP support groups offer a place to renew old friendships and acquire new relationships in the Parkinson Community. In addition, they offer exercise classes for people on all levels of the Parkinson's spectrum, including dancing, boxing, tai chi, yoga, and exercises which are Parkinson specific. All their trainers are trained, certified, and have experience working with people with Parkinson's. Anyone with Parkinson's Disease For support groups, ability to access Zoom

For exercise classes, none

Participation by donation

Phone: 250-360-6800


202-2680 Blanshard St.

Victoria, BC, V8T 5E1 PWP empowers, improves function, and increases quality of life for those affected by Parkinson's through fun, safe, and effective multidisciplinary programs with rigorous evidence-based exercises at its core.
Canucks Autism Network Opportunity for youth and adults with autism to participate in a workout class online led by a certified personal trainer. Sessions focus on aerobic endurance, strength, and flexibility, and feature activities that can easily be done from home. Age 13+, anyone with ASD diagnosis None None No previous experience required! CAN does not wish fees to be a barrier to participation. Membership of $25 is required. Payments for membership can also be made through BC Autism Funding, CAN Fee Assistance Program, and other bursaries. Email for more options.
Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence Barrier-free facilities and inclusive adapted programs. The programs are designed specifically for individuals who required adapted equipment or training – Programs include strength and conditioning training, and team-sports for youth, adults People with mobility limitations or Autism. No; adapted equipment is provided Yes Prices range based on level of commitment: starting at $68.00 Email: Phone: (250) 220-2510
Let's Play BC Initiative of the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society that gives children with physical disabilities in BC access to a sport wheelchair and other resources they can use to develop the skills to participate in play, sport, and physical education with their peers. Children that use a wheelchair. No; sports wheelchair provided No cost Email: Phone: (604) 326-1229
BC Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) BCMOS provides a community for people with disabilities by offering outdoor opportunities programs such as hiking and paddling specifically for people with physical disabilities. Individuals with physical disabilities Yes; TrailRider equipment offered for hiking program. Adapted equipment for paddling program. Both provided by BCMOS. $10 for hiking and paddling activity. Phone: 604-688-6464 Email:
Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS) Adaptive Adventures CRIS provides outdoor programs specifically for people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. Activities such as such as hiking, paddling, cycling, skiing, and snowshoeing are offered to engage individuals with disabilities with the therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities. For individuals with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities Yes. Depending on the activity, there is various equipment offered by CRIS to support individuals with disabilities for activities such as hiking, paddling, skiing, snowshoeing. Annual registration fee of $45. Please refer to contact information for cost concerns and support in funding Phone: (250) 979-3941Email:
People In Motion People In Motion is an organization that was developed to serve those living with various disabilities - intellectual, physical, and/or sensory. Through the programs provided, members can experience physical activity and exercise through adaptive snow sports such as skiing or sledding; as well as adaptive indoor sports such as wheelchair basketball, curling, and powerchair football. Open for individuals living with sensory and physical disabilities, and seniors with intellectual disabilities. Adaptive equipment can be rented through the program, otherwise will require power wheelchair for some sports. $10 for full membership Phone - 250-861-3302


#23-1720 Ethel Street

Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Y7
Sportability BC Sportability is a non-profit organization that was created to offer physical activity programs for participants living with physical disabilities who have varying skill levels in sport and physical activity, ranging from recreational to competitive. Sportability offers Sledge Hockey, Boccia, Power Soccer, and Cerebral Palsy/Para Soccer as sports. Open to individuals living with Cerebral Palsy, a history of head injuries, or other physical disabilities. Will be dependent on sport. Power wheelchair required for Power Soccer. Sled required for Sledge Hockey, Full and Recreational membership fees are waived currently. Regularly: $25 for Full Membership and $10 for Recreational Membership Phone - 604- 324-1411


780 SW Marine Drive

Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7
OneAbility OneAbility optimizes maximum inclusion to participate in recreational, developmental, and high-performance sports for people living with disabilities. The organization works with the community to bring awareness to the importance of adapted physical activity programs as well as create a resource for individuals with disabilities to find support and a vast array of opportunities. Open to any individual living with a disability. No Free Address: 3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

ConnecTra ConnecTra ensures creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities. They provide daily events with the goal of supporting and informing individuals with various ways they can be active while living with a disability. Open to any individual living with a disability. No Free ConnecTra Society 318 – 425 Carrall St. Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3. T: 604-688-6464 F: 604-688-6463 Shareen Pasco, Program Coordinator:

Taylor Wagner, Communications Officer: Devenne Drege, Web Coordinator:
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of BC SBHABC offers many programs which help support individuals who are impacted by Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Some of these programs include: Floorball, youth and family recreation programs, along with other support programs. Individuals with Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus Yes (depending on the program) Free Email:

Phone: 604-878-7000

Fax: 604-677-6608

Mailing Address: 102-15910 Fraser Highway, Suite 228, Surrey BC V4N 0X9
Realwheels Reealwheels is a barrier-free performing arts program with the main focus on creating and producing performances which deepen understanding of the disability experience. Realwheels also offers outreach programs throughout BC to encourage performing arts for all. Open to all individuals with physical or intellectual challenges No Free Phone: 604-322-7325

Address: Realwheels Society 780 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC
British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) BCMOS is an organization that provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities to access outdoor recreation. Each summer, they offer guided hikes through the Lower Mainland, and adaptive paddling in Vancouver. BCMOS believes that nature is highly valuable to the quality of life and empowers other with physical disabilities to re-imagine what is possible. Open to individuals with a physical disability who are open for an adventure in nature . yes, TrailRider, an innovative remote access wheelchair, adaptive paddle board, life jacket $10 per 60 min paddling session and $10 per day for hiking Sheryl Newman

Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 117


David Fong

Phone: 604-688-6464 ext. 102


Disability Foundation

318 – 425 Carrall St.

Vancouver, BC V6B 6E3

T: 604-688-6464

F: 604-688-6463
Sirota's Alchymy Martial Art's & Life Skills Centre This organization provides inclusive therapeutic martial arts and self-defense programs for people with various special needs and Impairments. Their goal is to create an empowering environment for everyone to grow physically, emotionally, and psychologically. They place great emphasis on overall physical development to assist enhancing their gross motor skills, core strength, balance, etc. People with the following diagnosis/impairments are welcome: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Aspergers Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Visual Impairment/Blindness

Hard of Hearing/Deafness

Intellectual Disabilities

Down Syndrome

Catastrophic Injury/Brain Injury

Mobility Impairment (Paraplegic/Quadriplegic/Polio/Spina Bifida)

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Developmental Disorders/Learning Disabilities

Muscle/Skeletal Degenerative Disorders


Tourette’s Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Disorder

Can contact organization for enrollment/information

No, everything is provided There are various programs as well as private and group lessons. Fees vary depending on the program, the frequency of attendance and the term of membership. SIROTA’S ALCHYMY – RICHMOND 1 – 3740 Chatham St. Richmond, British Columbia V7E 2Z3

Phone: 604-244-8842

SIROTA’S ALCHYMY – VANCOUVER 6647 Victoria Drive Vancouver, British Columbia V5P 3Y2

Phone: 604-569-3395

Master Michael Sirota

Principal , Sirota's Alchymy

604-244-8842 | 604-569-3395 |
Sport Ability BC SportAbility is a non-profit, volunteer-driven association supporting and fostering a safe social environment for athletes with a disability, who are either being introduced to an activity for the first time, or competing at an international level. All those interested in sport participation with disabilities. Equipment is provided. Full membership ($25) For individuals who are pursuing participation in Provincial Team Programs and/or Competitions. Recreation membership ($10) For individuals who participate in weekly club or program sessions and compete in regional or provincial tournaments. Memberships are valid for 1 year. Both fees are currently waived. Phone: 604 324 1411

Email: info[at]
Kinsight Kinsight works alongside families who have members experiencing developmental delays and disabilities to set and achieve goals that will increase opportunities for growth, development and greater independence. Family members, youth and adults come together, including through support and networking meetings, workshops, individual and collective advocacy and telling their stories. Those of all ages experiencing developmental delays and disabilities. No. No cost for attending support group meetings but there may be fees associated with other activities.


Name Brief description Appropriate for physical, sensory, intellectual disabilities, general pop. w. possible adaptations

(if for specific disability please specify)

Equipment needed? (Y/N, define if yes) Cost Contact information (if applicable) URL Other
Yoga by Nature Podcast A yoga podcast that offers meditation and other audio sessions for home-based practices. Everyone, particularly people with lower body mobility limitations Computer/smartphone to access Spotify



This particular episode guides listeners through a chair yoga class. It is primarily for those who have limited space to practice or limited mobility.
Adaptive Collaborative Podcast The goal of this podcast is to support, educate, and inspire people with limb loss/limb difference to adapt, overcome, and lead active and fulfilling lives through adaptive sports, fitness, and wellness programs. People with amputation/limb difference Computer/smartphone to access Spotify

Yoga mat, broom stick, fabric grocery bag, canned food (for weights), towels


The main website provides a zoom link to a virtual adaptive community workout session. Viewers will need various household items to perform standing, seated, and mat-based exercises.
Blind Alive - Eyes-Free Fitness® Podcast The podcast discusses a variety of topics that relate to health including fitness, food, books, and technology. There are a variety of guests including instructors, physical therapists, and other people with disabilities. People who are visually impaired/blind Computer or smartphone to access iTunes Free Many of the classes provide sample exercises and various insight of how people with visual disabilities stay active.

Unfortunately, Blind Alive has closed so there are no new podcasts. However, the podcasts that were made are still available.

Sporty: Get Fit, Have Fun - Wheelchair Exercise This podcast interviews two wheelchair para-athletes who share how they participate in physical activity. The guests also discuss their difficulties and adaptations with physical activity. People who use a wheelchair Computer or smartphone to access podcast Free This podcast is great for all wheelchair users who may be looking for new inspiration for how to be physically active. They provide tips on what it is like going to a gym and how to speak to trainers and therapists to improve a wheelchair users exercise experience.
Two Disabled Dudes The hosts Sean and Kyle are both affected by a rare disease called Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) which affects their balance and coordination, significantly limiting their physical abilities. Despite this, both hosts have become long-distance biking champions. Their podcast is about breaking barriers and fulfilling one’s dreams. Appropriate for physical, non-hearing sensory disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and general population. Device (computer, phone, ipad, etc.)

Internet connection

Special Needs in Motion Host, Ilana Danneman, uses her 32 years of special needs, physical therapy and product innovation experience to help children with special needs function at their best. Illana shares ideas for encouraging movement and physical well being for those with physical challenges and special needs. Appropriate for physical, sensory disabilities (youtube videos with cc subtitles), intellectual disabilities, and general population Device (computer, phone, ipad, etc.)

Internet connection

Free Home:


Youtube channel:

Also offers telehealth, in-home therapy, and home design consultations
Bone Talk Bone Talk was created by the National Osteoporosis Foundation. This program targets their audience for people with bone diseases, and discuss the lifestyle and considerations for people with bone diseases. Everyone particularly people with bone disease including but not limited to osteoporosis An electronic device with internet access Free Not available Bone Talk aims to create a community for its listeners as well. People can read blogs and share their own stories with others on Bone Talk’s website.
From Pain to Possibility From Pain to Possibility is a podcast hosted by a yoga therapy instructor Susi Hately. In her program, she collaborates with other healthcare professionals to educate people on how to live with chronic pain through a multi-disciplinary approach. Everyone, particularly beneficial for people living with chronic pain An electronic device with internet access Free Susi uses her background in yoga to provide her listeners with options to reduce their pain, for instance, through different breathing techniques, movements that help to reduce pain, and exercises for different muscle groups to help individuals to improve their overall health.
Disability Aids Podcast This podcast interviews people living with disabilities about how it has impacted their life and methods to overcome these barriers. More specifically, this podcast focuses on educating individuals on health related topics such as mental well-being and has a specific episode tailored to fitness advice for people using wheelchairs. Note: this podcast does not directly lead any physical activities but provides tips and tricks for staying active. This podcast is useful for individuals with disability and for educating the general population; however, the fitness advice that this podcast provides is specific to individuals that use a wheelchair. An electronic device that has internet access or Spotify. Free N/A This podcast also offers additional information about individuals living with Cerebral Palsy and Aspergers. These episodes focus more on daily living, but may be worth listening to as a helpful secondary resource.
Disability to Ability Podcast This podcast interviews people with disabilities about daily living tips, advice and experiences. Fitness episodes can be found both generally (a variety of tips for those living with disabilities) and on a more specific level (fitness advice for individuals with multiple sclerosis). Note: this podcast does not directly lead any physical activities but provides tips and tricks for staying active. This podcast is useful for the general population, individuals with disabilities and specifically for people with multiple sclerosis hoping to learn more about physical activity. Electronic device with internet access. Free There are additional episodes that interview people with vision impairment, traumatic brain injury and work with service dogs!
The Accessible Stall - Fitness and Disability This podcast interviews Emily. a person with a lower-body disability. They discuss how to stay fit while disabled. Specifically, Emily shares her exercise routines and unique experiences about seated workouts. Everyone and particularly people with lower body disabilities who are looking for motivation to exercise.
  1. Electronic device
  2. Internet access
DelicateNutrition Podcast - Severe disability workout routine Tommy, born with a chronic disease, talks about how to create a suitable exercise routine for people with disabilities. Tommy suggests exercise guidelines for people with severe diseases and disabilities, allowing them to improve their fitness and be motivated to exercise. People with chronic disease and severe disability. Also, everyone with any kind of disability willing to start exercising.
  1. Electronic device
  2. Internet access
Free N/A
Cerebral Palsy and Fitness The host David talks about cerebral palsy and educates listeners about his disability and topics related to his disability. David also shares his personal experience with exercise knowledge that could help people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities keep in shape. People who have any disability but will focus on people with cerebral palsy Electronic device with internet access Free Here are his socials:
Live YES with Arthritis This podcast discusses the everyday challenges of 2 people who were diagnosed with arthritis. Together, they share smart solutions for people dealing with arthritis such as eating aright, staying fit and information in general that manage arthritis such as mindfulness. The target audience is people suffering from arthritis. Electronic device with internet access. free N/A
Lomah Special Needs Podcast Episode #75 Physical Fitness in the Disability Community This podcast is led by Kim who is the parent of a teen with autism who addresses many questions that may arise from her perspective of caring for someone with autism. In the episode labelled “Physical Fitness in the Disability Community” Founder and CEO of Specialty Athletic Training, Ryan Lockard discusses his adapted training programs that make physical activity fun and enjoyable for his clients.   People with limitations and any exercise trainers who work with people with disabilities Smartphone or audio device Free N/A Link to Podcast Episode #75:

Google Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts:

Ouch: The cabin fever podcast This podcast features interviews with individuals who have disabilities and they cover a wide range of topics from dealing with discrimination to staying active. Although this podcast does not provide guided physical workouts, listeners can obtain new knowledge such as life hacks for day to day activities such as everyday physical activities. This podcast can help individuals with disability and increase knowledge for the general population. Electronic device with internet access Free Email: BBC website:


The website not only features podcast episodes but also blogs, additional information, and guides for individuals with disabilities.
"Active Living with Arthritis" “Active Living with Arthritis” is a series of podcasts presented by the Center of Enhancing Activity and Participation among Persons with Arthritis (ENACT). Hosted by Karen Jacobs, Clinical Professor of Occupational Therapy at Boston University along with her team of Doctor of Physical Therapy students, the podcast aims to present evidence-based information on how an active lifestyle can help patients with arthritis reduce pain and improve their ability to participate in daily activities. The podcast also debunks myths about arthritis and provides tips, recommendations, and guidelines to help people with arthritis overcome common barriers and become physically active. Adults with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions including lupus, fibromyalgia, and scleroderma - Electronic device with internet access

- Optional: equipment that is discussed in the podcasts for enhancing physical activity

Free Email: Podcast on ENACT website:

Podcast on iTunes:

Additional to guidelines for staying active, the podcast series also discusses a variety of other general topics on how to overcome barriers and live life to the fullest as a persons with arthritis (employment, available technologies, creating safer homes, diet, pain management, engaging in hobbies, etc.)


TAs: Megan Kiley and Nikol Grishin
Aaron Harpaz
Alexis Jeong
Amy Wilkie
Arden Sauer
Arjun Hothi
Arshia Saleheh Shoushtari
Baldip Shergill
Benjamin Marquard
Braelyn Gandossi
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