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SLAVERY Both black men and women have lived in Britain since as early as the 12th century. The expanding of the British empire that caused the population of black men and women to increase. Upon expansion they were forced to travel across seas to do back-breaking work on plantations n scorching conditions. Thankfully slavery was made illegal in Britain in 1772. ( (

RADICAL MOVEMENT The radical movement in Britain originally had a goal to bring about a more democratic political power, by giving more opportunity and power to urban areas and the working class. The movement looked for ways to fight off the problems inflicted on Britain following the industrial revolution (for example jobs were lost, and many were displaced). This movement saw success in 1832 with the reform act, which gave the middle class more political power. (

SCOTTISH REFERENDUM Some people in Scotland, right now a part of the United Kingdom, are trying to make themselves independent of the United Kingdom. This is a very recent movement and in fact a referendum was held in September of 2014. 55.3% of the people voted to stay as a part of the United Kingdom and thus 44.7% of people voted to be independent. (