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History 104-Topics in World History-Section 99A- Sept 2011
HIST 104
Section: 99A
Instructor: Joy Dixon
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Hello Ali, Marc, James and James,

This project is based on an object or artifact that is part of our everyday lives today, and which is a product of “cultures in contact.” The first step in the project is to treat the artifact as a kind of "primary source," to examine the artifact as closely and carefully as possible. Where was it made? What is it made of? Where do the various components that make it up originate?

Our artifact: Blackberry Bold 9900. History/Origin: Canadian based, Blackberry started out as a 2-way pager, and went on to become a PDA in 1999.

Now we need to go more in depth with everything that has to do with "cultures in contact". I was hoping we could start with the history and how the progress of Blackberry through time has evolved with newer models and the kinds of things that the blackberries are capable of, such as BBM, and how they are used world wide. ---Vanessa.