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GEOB 503 - Topics in Hydrology and Geomorphology

Course Description

This is the WIKI site for GEOB 503, a problem-based learning course designed to introduce graduate students to data processing, manipulation and analysis using two commonly available programs (MATLAB and R). It is a hands-on course requiring students to work with the software to work on laboratory-style assignments during the scheduled class time.

This WIKI is intended for use by the students in resolving programming difficulties by putting questions out there for others to read and hopefully answer, posting solutions that have been found, and general discussion of the course material.

Error log

A log of error messages and their causes will be kept on the Error Log page. When students encounter an error message and successfully solve the problem, they should check the log and, if there is not already an entry, they should create one. For existing entries, students should review the posted cause, and add any additional information they feel is relevant.

Pages for Discussing the Assignments

The following pages have been created for students to refer to, edit and comment upon. One page will be created for each assignment that we will attempt.

  1. Analyzing data from the Water Survey of Canada (Week 1)
  2. Analyzing data from the Water Survey of Canada (Week 2)

Useful Functionss

It was suggested that a catalogue of useful function names plus a short description of them would be a valuable asset. There is now a page for this here

Other Useful Resources for Getting Started

MATLAB demo in help file in MATLAB. Particularly the "Writing a MATLAB" video

The 'Getting Started' document located on the Mathworks page


The MATLAB help page for UBC Computer

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