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Watershed Geomorphology
GEOB 406
Section: 101
Instructor: Brett Eaton
Office: Geography 232
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Course Description

This is the WIKI site for GEOB 406, a course designed to introduce undergraduate students to the geomorphic processes and hazards active in mountainous regions. It is a hands-on course requiring students to work with real data on laboratory-style assignments.

This WIKI is intended for use by the students in resolving technical difficulties by putting questions out there for others to read and hopefully answer, posting solutions that have been found, and general discussion of the course material.

Pages for Discussing the Assignments

The following pages have been created for students to refer to, edit and comment upon.

  1. Assessing hazards to a proposed development at (Lynn Creek)

Useful Links

It was suggested that a catalogue of useful web links would be a valuable asset. Please add any useful links in the space below.

(10/15/11) My photos from Lynn Creek