Course:FRST370/Projects/Community's effort to conserve forests in Mandal, Uttarakhand, India and the Chipko Movement

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The case study is about the forest management and conservation efforts in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Villages like Reni and Mandal played a huge role in protecting forests across north India by starting the Chipko Movement of 1970s. Back in the 1970s, the women of the village community went and hugged the trees in the local forest in an effort to protect them from being illegally cut by loggers and government contractors. They clearly meant that if the government wanted to cut trees, it would have to go over those women's bodies in order to achieve its goal. The movement widely came to be known as the Chipko Movement or Tree Hug Movement and simply shows how a group of motivated women overpowered powerful authorities and saved their native forests.


Description of the community forestry case study – Where located; history; national or regional context (if appropriate)

Tenure arrangements

Tenure arrangements. Describe the nature of the tenure: freehold or forest management agreement/arrangements, duration, etc.

Administrative arrangements

Administrative arrangements. Describe the management authority and the reporting system.

Affected Stakeholders

Social actors (stakeholders, user groups) who are affected stakeholders, their main relevant objectives, and their relative power

Interested Outside Stakeholders

Social actors (stakeholders, user groups) who are interested stakeholders, outside the community, their main relevant objectives, and their relative power


A discussion of the aims and intentions of the community forestry project and your assessment of relative successes or failures. You should also include a discussion of critical issues or conflicts in this community and how they are being managed


Your assessment of the relative power of each group of social actors, and how that power is being used


Your recommendations about this community forestry project


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