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Special Topics in Food Science
FOOD 527
Section: A
Instructor: TBA
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Course Description

This course is designed to provide food science graduate students an introduction to the many facets of the food processing industry, including human resources, marketing, finance, production, quality control, ethics, purchasing and regulatory affairs. Students who go on to work in food processing companies should be able to integrate more quickly into the corporation and also be far more effective in whatever role they may have.

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, students will be required to analyze business cases independently and in groups, to verbally present their findings and recommendations in English in an open-forum class discussion, as well as to debate and defend their recommendations.


Class participation will account for 50% of the final mark, and the midterm and final exam will each count for 25% of the final mark.

Tentative Course Outline

The proposed outline for the course over 13 weeks will be as follows:

  • Week 1: Introductions. This is an opportunity for the Instructor and students to get to know one another. Students will be expected to introduce themselves and to provide a brief history of their personal, academic, and work experience. A good portion of the class will be spent on techniques for case analysis.
  • Week 2-3: Marketing and finance cases.
  • Week 4-5: Production cases.
  • Week 6: Human resources case.
  • Week 7: Purchasing case.
  • Week 8-9: Quality assurance case.
  • Week 10: Regulatory affairs case.
  • Week 11: Crisis management case.
  • Week 12: Ethics in business case.
  • Week 13: Review case or interview of a CEO from a local food processing company
  • Final exam TBA.

This course will be offered one semester per academic year, commencing in January.

Case materials, supplementary readings and study groups will be posted on VISTA. Additional information will also be distributed in class.