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Principles of Food Processing
FNH 309
Section: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Erin Friesen
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Course Description

Food Process Science is the Preservation of tissue and fluid food systems by selected physical and chemical treatments with emphasis on product-process interactions.

Course Objectives

The overall objectives of the food process science course is to provide students with fundamental food processing concepts, principles, and skills necessary to understand the outcomes of commercial food processes as well as to design simple food process systems of their own. The course will provide breadth in that it will consider the water activity, packaging, and processing principles that apply to food processing. It will also provide greater depth in the application of dehydration, freeze drying, microwave processing and other technologies and their preservation effects. Because of the practical need for quantitative prediction of process outcomes, topics are examined in mathematical as well as descriptive terms. This course is intended to follow FNH 300 and is offered in the Spring term (January to April.

Course Readings

Textbook: Fellows, P. 2009. "Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice." VCH Publishers. Available online at UBC Library.


Mark Allocation:

Activity Percent of Grade
Midterm 30%
Problem Sets 10%
Individual Product 5%
Packaging Quiz 5%
Final Exam 50%
TOTAL: 100%