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Food Preservation with Biotechnology

9.0 Overview

In this lesson we will consider the use of microorganisms, mainly in fermentation processes, in the production of foods in Canada and in other countries. You will learn about the wide variety of foods that are produced with the aid of microorganisms and future applications of biotechnological processes in food processing and preservation.


Upon completion of this lesson you should be able to:

  • define the term "biotechnology"
  • describe the beneficial role that microorganisms have in the production of fermented foods and of food ingredients or additives
  • outline the sequence of microbiological, chemical and physical changes that are involved in the conversion of milk to cheese
  • compare and contrast the terms "biotechnology-derived foods" and "genetically modified foods", and describe the position of the Canadian government on these foods
  • articulate a personal set of values pertaining to use of biotechnology in foods

Optional Reading

Required Video

  • Cheese production. The link for this video will be indicated later in the lesson.