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Preservation of Foods by Low Temperature

7.0 Overview

In this lesson you will learn about the principles that form the basis for extending the storage life of foods through the use of low temperatures above and below the freezing point of water. You will also learn about chilled storage of perishable foods and the use of modified and controlled atmospheres to extend the storage life of foods.

You will learn about the importance of freezing and thawing rates and their influence on the quality of frozen foods. The importance of ice crystal size and chemical reactions and physical changes that can occur in foods during freezing, frozen storage and thawing will be briefly discussed. You will learn about some of the methods of freezing foods and also about packaging requirements for foods held in chilled and frozen storage.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • explain the principles that form the basis of extension of storage life of foods at low temperatures;
  • outline the importance of freezing rates, temperature stability during storage of frozen foods, and thawing rates on quality maintenance in frozen foods
  • describe the factors that can affect quality of foods during frozen storage

Required Videos

  • Corn processing and Ice cream production

The links for these videos will be indicated later in the lesson.