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This is a sample for you to draw on. Feel free to cut and paste headings and category onto your own page as a starting place. You may also change section headings (other than the overview) if you have an alternative that is a better fit.

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Before writing your wiki article on the UBC Wiki, it may be helpful to review the tips in Wikipedia: Writing better articles.[1] (Note that - if you look on the edit screen for this page when you are logged in - you will also see this as an example of how to create a reference!)


Lead section or overview should go here. This section should contain:

  • a general description of the theme of your page.
  • any definitions that are necessary for a layperson to understand the content.
  • a summary of the most important parts of the content of your page

For more tips on writing lead sections or overviews see "Lead Section" in Wikipedia: Writing better articles


  • a description of why this strategy is used in language documentation
  • something about the process


  • identify some key considerations for applying this approach, method or strategy


  • identify some examples of projects and link to them where possible (or provide a reference).

Skills Required

  • note some of the skills that people would need to develop in order to use this approach, method or strategy.


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