Course:ETEC565/Elearning Toolkit

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The E-Learning Toolkit is an evolving set of resources to support ETEC 565. On these pages, you will find information on several main-stream and emerging E-Learning Technologies as well as links to additional information, examples, resources and activities. The content on these pages will evolve over the coming months as others begin to contribute to and revise the information and activities within the E-Learning Toolkit.

On each page, you will find basic information that is organized in the following way:

Description Here you will find a brief description of a the E-Learning Tool.

Background Here you will find information on the qualilties and characteristics of the E-learning Tool in terms of presentation of content, skills and interaction. You will also find links to optional readings and analysis of the e-learning technology in relation to pedagogy, design and implentation.

Design Questions/Issues Here you will find a set of questions and issues that need to be considered when using the E-Learning Tool. Some of these questions will be generated out of the Bates and Poole SECTIONS Framework or the Instructional Design Cycle that has been introduced in the Course Design Modules.

Examples Here you will find examples that showcase how educators have employed the E-Learning Tool. This will be a place to present best-practices and innovation, but also to provide critical assessment of how well a particular tool supports student learning.

Activity For each E-Learning Tool, you will be offered an exploratory and a participatory path. These activities are intended to increase your familiarity with the E-Learning Tools as well as support you in picking up the tools and using them for your project work.

Resources Here, you will find links to tutorials, templates, client software, etc.

Technologies included in Toolkit

Learning Management System ->> Start your LMS investigation by learning about the main features of LMS and building your own demo course. While you are limited to Moodle in terms of building your actual site, feel free to take a look at the WebCT/Vista page.

Web design and HTML authoring ->> Start your Web&HTML exploration by finding about key issues in authoring web pages and creating and publishing your own page.

Synchronous Communication Tools ->> Talk to me using different tools available on the net.

Social Software ->> Social Software constitute a growing collection of tools for social interactions in new writing and reading spaces.

Weblogs ->> Weblogs are simple web publishing tools that have spawned a new form of online writing.

Wikis ->> Wikis are wide-open text environments with a vast number of uses, great and small.

Multimedia and Authoring Tools ->> Start your exploration of different multimedia tools and resources. This section particularly focuses on developing digital still images, audio, digital video and DVD materials.

Accessibility ->> How to make websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

mLearning ->> Elearning on mobile devices.