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Rip, Mix, Feed - Reloaded


In previous iterations of Text Technologies, we have engaged students in an exercise we entitled RipMixFeed (hat-tip to [Alan Levine]), a madcap participatory immersion in the once new technologies of weblogs, wikis, social bookmarking and RSS tools. Since all of the students in this course will have had experience using these tools (now typically referred to as social media), we feel the need to adjust our strategy due to a number of factors:

  • the emergence of countless "Web 2.0" applications that can address almost any specialized need imaginable
  • the ability of these tools to interact with one another
  • the explosion of open content, just waiting to be reused

Frankly, it has become impossible to define a single activity that can encompass all this action. So we have reworked the structure of Rip, Mix, Feed in the hopes that it will be easier for students to participate, and more effectively represent the increasing diversity of online activity.

As ever, this activity is inherently experimental and iterative, and we welcome suggestions on how to improve it. Indeed, we're prepared to adapt on the fly if it will enhance the experience.

Time frame

The Rip Mix Feed Reloaded activity will run for two weeks (weeks 11 and 12). During this time, you have other assignments on the go, such as your final commentaries or major project (depending on the option you chose). Who knows, you may find that some of the tools and environments you explore with in this activity will be of some use to you as you complete your final assignments. We've found that to be the case with students in previous runs of the course.

Readings and resources



  • Alan Levine, D'Arcy Norman, Brian Lamb [More Than Cool Tools] - A 53 minute screencast produced for the 2007 K12 conference.

The activity

Choose one of the following actions:

  • Augment or remix an existing resource An example of this might be to annotate a [YouTube video] using [Mojiti] or rework a Flickr image using [Dumpr].
  • Tell a story you might use [Slideshare] to link ""PowerPoint"" slides with audio, or use [Kerpoof] to make your own comic strip, or [Gliffy] to work up a diagram.

Then share your work. Do post URLs to anything that you create so that everyone can easily find it and to help us to aggregate our collective creativity!

We will use our Community Weblog to aggregate all of your work, so once you have completed your creation, you will need to embed it or post a link to the weblog. Don't forget to use the RipMixFeed category and add any keywords or tags that are appropriate to your work.

Where can you find tools?

Alan Levine has created a couple indispensable lists of Web 2.0 tools that are a great place to explore what's available:

Where can you find content?

You do not not need to create new content for this exercise, indeed we encourage you to reuse existing material. But we do ask that whatever you reproduce be licensed by [Creative Commons] or some other license that allows for reproduction. You can find legally reusable content at...

  • [ccMixter] - "a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want."
  • [Prelinger Archives] - a large collection of public domain media from the [Internet Archive]. Do take a moment to read their lovely policies concerning "Rights" to use the material.


  • Questions, suggestions and feedback can be posted in the Rip, Mix, Feed forum within Vista.
  • Share with others (just like your mother taught you!).
  • Have fun!