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This is the Wiki resource which supports the course “Game Based Learning Analysis: Digital Game Based Learning for Adults”. The core material for the course is available on WordPress:

The market for digital games is significant at more than fifteen billion for the world wide online gaming market alone and while games are still often thought of as the domain of children the average age of the online gamer is 25 to 44 making adults a significant target market.

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Games cover a wide range of learning categories. This Wiki is a collaborative effort and course resource to share information about games that educational practitioners have identified as successful from either a financial and learning perspective.

Games for Educational purposes

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Free Rice

Free Rice is a quiz application that donates a number of grains of rice each time a question is answered correctly. It is an interesting and engaging way to have students develop critical thinking and begin to discuss issues of world hunger and empathy.

Timez Attack - an adventure game that reinforces learning for multiplication - something that is often not practiced a great deal in schools due to the shift in math instruction away from rote work to more complex problem solving. Great practice for at home!

Savings Quest - This is an online game that tests your ability to save for the things you want while paying for all the things you need. You will pick a job and complete tasks to earn your paycheck. Also, you will build a budget to help you manage the money you earn, so that you can pay your bills and any unexpected expenses and still set aside enough savings to reach your goal.


The History Game Canada

"The History Game Canada is a game based on Canadian history that lets anyone play the past. Based on the award-winning, best-seller Sid Meier's Civilization III, The History Game Canada is the "What If" game of Canada... and you're the author. Will you replay our history or rewrite it?"

This game is based on making decisions and evaluating the decisions of history. It's straightforward, but the controls are a little bit challenging to move forward.


Free Poverty

Free Poverty is a game that tests the geographical knowledge of its players. For each place that a player tries to locate / pinpoint, a student is awarded up to ten points based on how close they are. Each point gained equals one cup of clean drinking water that is donated to a needy place in the world.

EnerCities - This is an online simulation game that might remind some people of SimCity. However, in addition to a very neat, tidy and well designed interface that students can get on to in just minutes, there is a real goal to the game that is very educational: grow your city while striking a balance between "people, planet and profit." Players can proceed to higher game levels if they are able to maintain this balance between the needs of people, the need of the environment, and the needs of a market economy.

For Young Kids

Kids' Games

Everything here from preschool matching games to primary grade support in reading and math to lots and lots of educational games for older students as well.


N-Squad: Alcohol in the Body

The 3 episodes that make up this single player game, "Digestive System", "Circulatory System", and "Nervous System", are designed using a detective-style storyline for intermediate level students to play in 30 - 45 minutes. Players have some freedom in the game, but specific instructions and restrictions keep them on the right path. Hints on what to do next are available, but optional. Key concepts covered include:

  • misconceptions, drunk driving
  • digestion, metabolism, brain, alcohol, headspace gas chromatography
  • addiction, brain plasticity, neurotransmission
  • blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • medical examination, liver histology

Multi-Game Resources

Spree Games - Marc Prensky, coiner of the term "digital native" is the creator and creative director of this multi-game resource. Spree Games has a collection of educational games, organized by subject matter as well as age / level.